Skirmish Sunday – your weekly PvP thread!

All PvP comments, questions, and discussion are welcome!

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5 thoughts on “Skirmish Sunday – your weekly PvP thread!”

  1. Man, equilized conquest gear cannot come soon enough.

    I sincerely hope that getting the conquest set isn’t a grind.

  2. Heya, disc priest here.

    I totally kick ass in RBGs, but when it comes to arenas ( arena 2s specifically ) I start to have some issues with keeping myself and my partner up. Any broad tips a priest player could give?

  3. I did dip my feet into pvp waters during arena solo queue and I must say I like it. But is everyhting thats happening really supposed to be that unforgiving and lightning fast? I play a holy paladin and one decision that’s later regarded as bad or that’s countered into a couple secs holy lock etc. just ends the round it seems.

    I just want to know if it is supposed to be this fast paced 5 global cooldowns rounds where people get zeroed after they triggered my trinkets, bubble and so on.

    I don’t want to hate or whine about the game format and it’s rules or “what is it that makes it fun for people”. Just want to know if this is it? I wouldn’t mind some like.. 10-15 global cooldown rounds maybe? Where I can actually have the illusion that I did make a difference somehow 😀

  4. Hello! Newish to wow and arenas.

    I’m trying to get into it but I’m a little confused. I main survival hunter. Every one says to get tier gear for the set bonus but why does conquest gear exist then if tier gear replaces it?

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