41 thoughts on “So far, rift to gos are winning.”

  1. Fortnite after this vote ends: Due to an issue, we’ve brought back mechs, and in a nostalgia wave, it’s been reverted to how it was at the start of season x!

  2. Ya know, the problem here is the fact that both are really good items (at least imo).
    Rift to go is a good option for mobility, especially since we are losing the blimps one by one.
    Boogie bombs are also really to counter Tanks, Battle Busses, all other vehicles and the spamming Meta (specifically the drum shotgun) but at the same time (regarding drum shotgun users) if someone gets it… Oh yeah, you are *dead*, Nonetheless it is still a really good option, so Idrk what to choose here. I really want to know, why can’t we have both items, what is the problem with that?

  3. This is kind of a lose lose situation, because while they are both quite good, rifts are gonna make people mad cause people are gonna run away mid battle, and boogie bombs are gonna make people mad cause you might get boogied and drum shotted.

  4. Shame, there’s already so much mobility this season.

    I can already imagine all the players rifting away the moment they get shot at, gonna be so much funnnn…..

  5. Honestly I find both items annoying but I’m voting Rift to Go because between the two of them it is what I find less annoying. Plus hey more mobility. In my opinion you can never have too much mobility

  6. I played duos last night. I carried 2 rifts. My teammate had 2 Boogie Bombs. We land at the Synapse Station (like we always do) and pick up the bombs and rifts. We head to the Butter Barn and I see the guys run to the bottom floor so we ran in and boogie bombed them and eliminated them. Good time to use it.

    The circle closes in between Tilted and Rocky. We are on the blimp and leave gliding on top if a rock. We rift to another rock and get some eliminations. We are then pressed against the storm as the fight comes down to.the butter barn and the gas station across the parking lot. We rift and decide to go to the gas station. We want to land on top wondering where people are and we drop down to the ground only to get sprayed by 2 teams dancing in the gas station….

    With my experience so far; boogie bomb takes my gold as I sit and know I will regret it once the vote is over.

  7. Rifts are the better option imo, at least in zero build because of when you are completely screwed between teams and almost no cover, just use a rift and go away

  8. Idrc what people wanna say, the boogie bomb can be clutch and it’s a fun item. Even in no builds when it’s used against you it isn’t really a problem because you only take one shot in boogie mode and the only time the boogie is really overpowered is when you are doing a meme load out of all spam guns. The rift to go is never gonna be useful in most situations seeing as you can’t really counter people just following you and getting the kill that they so badly wanted

  9. “Rifts are meh”

    Until a team of 3 sweaties drops right on top of you with Drum Shotguns.

    Boogie Bomb all day IMO. Rift to go is just too versatile and BORING.

  10. rift to goes shouldn’t win. Theres too much traversal right now and rift to goes promote running away even more i got into a match where i had this person low and they armored walled in and used a rift to go and I couldn’t catch up to them
    Boogie bombs make fights more fun and require more critical thinking over “box and run”

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