5 thoughts on “so i guess making groups for low level content is actually impossible”

  1. MidnightFireHuntress

    It cut bot advertisements in half, plus you never really need to group for things while under 50 anyways.

  2. Yeah, I’m not a fan of it either, but it’s not really impossible to find people willing to group up with. I’ll join guilds on alts while I level them. There’s plenty of guilds desperate for members if all the random invites are a measure.

  3. Wonderful_Locksmith8

    If you click the “find group”, it’s all automated. Hell, can even pick the dungeon!

  4. It is definitely not impossible.

    I suppose you want to do either a levelling group, a low level raid with ~same-level people or something along the lines of “I’m not interested in the current expansion, but I want to play group content”.

    You can still find groups for that: communities.
    I don’t know of any in particular, but I am almost certain there are communities for all the thing I just listed.

    Levelling alts via dungeons? Definitely a community there.

    Level-capped for WotLk or BC? Definitely a community there.

    No Shadowlands, just quests, dungeons and maybe raids? Probably a community there.

  5. The function was useless to begin with and got abused by boost sellers and bots so they made it level locked

    You can still group up manually or just use the lfg tool for dungeons

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