20 thoughts on “So there’s an unarmored version of the glad mount. What are the chances the non-pvpers will get this mount?”

  1. They didn’t give players a PVE BFA proto-drake, so I’m unfortunately leaning towards unlikely. Would like one added to that Back from the Beyond meta achievement, though.

  2. I have been doing Rated Arenas for 10 plus years and have only recently put a lot of effort in learning to be good enough for glad. As a multiple CE player, and have been ranked top five in All Star DPS on a top raiding server. I can tell you getting glad is significantly harder imo. With mythic raiding you just have to learn your class, and the boss you are progressing on, then just put the time in for everyone else to get it. With 3v3 you have to master your spec, know every other spec, and how the different comps work and what they want to do. And then it comes down to putting the time in too, because you can que one day into counter comps and drop rating just because you are technically not suppose to win 60% of the time. So I don’t have a glad mount, but I do know I want one and it’s the last thing in the game I have to work towards after playing since BC. So I know it’s not popular opinion on this thread, but I think the model should stay exclusive.

  3. > What are the chances the non-pvpers will get this mount?

    Hopefully 0%. Let some exclusive rewards exist in this game instead of demanding that they dilute everything.

  4. I wouldnt mind if this came with the new Veilstrider title in next patch, currently working towards it, only missing the necrolord stitching achi

  5. I’m not so mad about these they can have their shinies but , it infuriates me when the lock the most RP lore friendly looking sets or TINTS behind rated pvp that you can’t even solo queue into….

  6. Well, this is the first only PvP mount. Let them be i think. For set recolors its quite understandable because 1.8 is not that hard, but glad mount is what you suppose to work for

  7. They’re weirdly stingy with dragon mounts the last few years. There are only two storm drakes in the entire game, both super RNG drops – and originally it was only one of them, behind the lame paragon box system. And these “sin eaters” are so cool but only exist as armored versions from pvp. The unarmored version or different base colors could easily be included somehow.

    The pvp ones can still be special, just like armored nether drakes, proto drakes, etc.

  8. Really sad about these guys. These are some of the coolest mounts to exist in the game, and to not have a single unarmored version for a time limited fairly extreme challenge is a shame. I hope I’ll have time to get push for glad for little other reason then this bad boy

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