23 thoughts on “So we’re about half way through this season. How’s everyone feel about it so far?”

  1. vinsmokewhoswho

    I’d like it more if I didn’t get the most absolute skilled uber players ever. I play duos zero build with a friend and initially it was fun, but I dunno what’s up with sbmm. We barely win anymore. I’m decent but my friend only started in December and has very basic skills. It just doesn’t seem right.

  2. I’d like it better if the lag wasn’t worse than ever, it makes it extremely frustrating to play.

  3. Mindless_Mention_777

    decent, drum shotgun is horrible though and the smgs need to be nerfed also new pois are boring and no new map changes and they should get rid of the snow biome its just so bad rn

  4. Had so much hope, but the move to a complete spray meta is beyond awful.
    Sad thing is a few tweaks would make it so much better, but it seems epic is going after a wider player base to increase income and it’s evidently working.

  5. Petergriffinscrableg

    it’s a good season but it’s not as good as what i first thought, the gameplay is solid but can get really fucking annoying sometimes because almost every weapon is a spray weapon, and if you don’t use them you may as well just leave the match

    we literally have a shotgun that sprays and it’s the most bs weapon in the lootpool atm, a green drum shotgun can clear someone who has full health/shields plus full overshield out in about 2-3 seconds

    i like the battlepass for the most part, i do not care about tsuki or kiara in the slightest because their designs are just so unfathomably boring, i love the omnisword and i think it’s probably one of the best cosmetics we’ve ever gotten from a battlepass

    the theme is alright, i’m just waiting to see what the live event’s gonna be like

    i’m really looking forward to the return of lightsabers, those should be really useful in zero build due to their ability to block bullets

  6. PsychologicalMud1859

    I’m not loving it as much as last season. This season I just play for dailies, seasons, and omni chips and get off to play something else.

  7. Organic-Sprinkles385

    i’m burned out with fortnite in general. I want to get Doctor Strange but don’t want to play fortnite in general.

  8. maNameIsNamles

    Frustrating and boring, its just last seasons meta but somehow more annoying. every fight ends the same way eiter with a combat smg or a drum shotgun, yeah theres other options but those 2 are just objectively so much better than anything else that i dont even remember the last time i used a regular shotgun. Its clear they want to take the games meta in a inherently less skillful direction by having spray and pray weapons outclass anything else and having vehicles that even the most casual streamers in a streamer only tournament agreed to not use them

  9. I think the introduction of zero build and the new mobility is great but the rest is meh. New Pois are boring, blimps are a bit annoying, we’ve had only like 2 new items. Battle pass is boring with the exception of the 2 seven members, another marvel tier 100… Yay -_-. Super edit styled to all the skins except the ones that are important? Like? Yeah I’d say a 5/10 so far, but luckily it’s a short season so if the rest is bad at least it will go by fast

  10. I’m in the same boat. I’ve not enjoyed this season whatsoever. Honestly worse than C2S6.

  11. FrederickFazbuford

    I prefer it over last season but to me it doesn’t hold a candle to chapter 2 seasons 2 or 3.

  12. IllCalmDownSoon

    I’m actually really enjoying it, but I haven’t played much Fortnite in the past, so I don’t have many other seasons to compare it to. The only reason I decided to try it again was because of the no-build mode, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

    Things I really like:

    **Sprinting, sliding and mantling.** The animations for all of these are super smooth and satisfying. Being able to slide down mountains makes me feel wicked-cool. Ledge grabbing makes the game so much more comfortable.

    **Player-launching cannons.** Being able to radically change my position quickly by bouncing between cannons/blimps really keeps the pace of the game up. I never feel trapped by players or lost in the storm.

    **Blimps.** I’ll definitely miss them when they’re gone. Super fun to fight over, especially just after dropping in. They also provide desirable high ground and elevated cannons to launch into the next safe-zone.

    **First-person, hit-scan rifles.** The AUG and MK are great. I hate feeling as though my fate is up to rng bloom in games, so I appreciate the precision these rifles offer.

    **Combat SMG.** Thing kicks pretty hard, but if you can learn to get a leash on the recoil it feels rewarding to melt people at medium-close range.

    **Anvil rocket launcher.** Perfect for pushing that 1hp weasel out from the cover he just BARELY made it to, so you can finish him off.

    **Tanks.** I don’t like driving the tanks, but I like shooting at other people driving them because of how many weak-spots they have.

    **Ranger shotgun.** Favorite gun in the game.


    Things I really hate:

    **Drum shotgun.** Just when I think they ran the mag dry, they blast me 4 more times. GG.

    **Rift-to-go and Boogie bombs.** I don’t know which is more annoying. That 1hp weasel can’t hide from the anvil launcher but he can rift-to-go away from it. Getting hit with a boogie bomb in solos is a death sentence.


    I’m really sad the blimps are disappearing. Coney Crossroads is my favorite blimp, but it will probably be at the bottom of the south-west ocean soon.

  13. Worst season of Fortnite ever. Combat SMG, drum shotgun, OP vehicles, same map as last season with a much worse loot pool somehow. Last season was find a stinger/mk, pump and you win. This season is find a combat SMG, drum shotgun and you win. So lame. Why are we voting on combat ar vs MK? Or boogie bomb vs rift to go? Why can’t they all be in the loot pool and everyone can use what they prefer? Why are they obsessed with keeping a tiny loot pool where if you don’t use the 2 OP guns of the season, you’re at a disadvantage. Thank God it’s a short season because this season has been unplayable after the first few weeks.

  14. We are enjoying it. last BP had better bonus rewards and the drum shotgun is annoying. But they added no build which kind of gives it a pass in my books since that’s all we play now and I love that mode

  15. It’s OK, but for fucks’s sake, make shotguns/snipers more useful! And why are we unable to pick our side in the war, and affect the outcome?

  16. Map changes suck when compared to Ch2 S2 and Ch1 S2

    And the Lootpool is cancer

    Theme also sucks, its been done 3 maybe 4 times before and they were all done better

  17. sbmm bad, map changes very bad. the only thing i like in the new map in the start of ch2 are the blimps and theyre removing them 1 by 1 and theyre not even falling in the land. drum shotgun should be vaulted, no fun mythics (like the spidey shooters or venom carnage mythics), super charged styles picked the wrong skin (origin and imagines shouldve been skins to be given super styles)

  18. Infamous_Public7934

    Infinitely better than last season, but the performance issues are starting to irritate me

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