11 thoughts on “Solos has been a miserable experience”

  1. Doctor-VanNostrand

    Can’t be worse than last season “well I rotated into the circle well and have a decent tower at the highest elevation in the circle, I think I’m set up well for this top ten”

    *web noises*

  2. I feel like there are a lot of wall hacks and aimbots this season, could be just me but I feel like none of these people miss shots no matter the distance and I know most of them are on controller so it feels a bit sketchy

  3. solos are almost entirely filled with sweats tryna become a streamer. This is in any battle royale not just fortnite

  4. Ok so no clue if this is a thing but does the jetpack break aim assist? I’ve been using them to fly above players and their aim plummets. Maybe something with the Y axis?

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