Something about the OW2 engine looks different, causing eye strain

So since I’ve been playing the OW2 beta, something about the new engine, filtering/AA, contrast, lighting, depth of field, post-processing… something, I’m not sure what, something looks off about it and it causes a lot of eye strain when playing, something that’s never happened in the hundreds (thousands?) of hours I have playing OW1.

It almost looks blurry or something, it’s really hard to describe and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think it makes seeing friendly and enemy players a little more difficult to see as well.

Was wondering if anyone else ran into these issues or had suggestions for video settings to tweak? I’ve tried tinkering with a few settings but nothing has seemed to help. I may try a nuclear option and just set everything to low/disabled and see what it looks like.

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  1. MeatCurtain91

    Hey, try adjusting Your gamma correction to 1.75. It helps with visibility and maybe take a bit of strain from Your eyes 🙂

  2. The sunset in every level has this bright bloom… It’s a bit bright at certain angles.

  3. Yeah. I dropped Gamma and Contrast down to a third and pushed brightness up a touch. Felt a bit better! All settings on low.

  4. Although your issue is with ow2 I’d like to suggest f.lux which you can use to adjust the blue light from ur monitors. You can make it start at boot and has definitely been a staple to my pcs since I first tried it.

  5. Something similar happened to me with Black OP’s 3. I used to play hours on end with Black ops 2, but when CoD moved to the new engine, it caused so much eye strain. I just couldn’t play the game anymore. That’s how I stopped playing CoD and got into OW haha.

  6. For me it is the screenshake, everytime the screenshakes my eyes unfocus and refocus, it gives me really bad headaches. The added a bunch of new screenshakes to the game in ow2.

  7. Process of elimination I guess, try disabling things at a time to see if it improves.

  8. The gamma is automatically higher than in OGwatch, I’d recommend tuning it down slightly

  9. Whats your FPS? I have to turn my settings down in the beta to get the same solid FPS as in the live game.

  10. The blur came from AMD FSR 1.0, it was enabled by default for me despite what my OW1 settings were. You can change it back to the old AA options and it should look normal again.

  11. It’s probably FSR. Disable it from the graphic settings- resolution percentage section.

  12. Go to video settings and scroll all the way down.

    the 3rd option up from the bottom should say gamma correction. lower that down to 1.75

    is that better?

  13. I had the same issue, then I increased render resolution to 150% and turned up sharpening, both settings are in the game. I hate the soft/blurry edges that a lot of new games have, and I can say those two changes completely removed the issue for me. Hope that helps

  14. I have the exact same issue. I set everything to low and it didn’t help in my instance.

    And I’d love to see the option to turn off light bloom and screen shake too. Those are absolutely ruining my eyes. Especially the bloom, ever since I’ve started OW1. It’s (somehow) even worse now.

  15. Are you getting consistent framrates? Ow2 isn’t finished yet and there’s some pretty sharp frame drops sometimes, I had which can cause some people issues. I capped my framerate significantly lower than I have it in ow1 for now.

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