6 thoughts on “Somewhat accurate for when Chapter 3 Season 2 first started before they added no build mode (Via:@Matty_Blaze01)”

  1. PlsDontEvenTalk

    I played season 1, had some fun with the game but left it after that. Came back now with zero build and it’s the most fun I’ve had in a while. Having a great time with it! Zero build was such a good decision.

  2. Lol the no build was the funniest fortnite I have ever played dethroning my first Vic row in C2 S4 I love this game the only break I took was the primal season 😂

  3. Shadow_Matier158

    And the fact that zero build and normal modes are separate is epic cuz i can enjoy sweating in normals and Having sum lolz with the bois in no build, ill play sum arena from time to time but since i reached champs i never really cared about it anymore.(now that i said it, ima get downvoted 100% for saying im in champs lmao.)

  4. Disastrous-Pokemon

    I don’t understand zero builds, what the difference between it and like warzone? Or even pubg really.

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