46 thoughts on “Switch player here with an example of skill based matchmaking doing its thing!”

  1. As a fellow switch player, I feel you. It’s either all bot lobbies, or all crazy players like this. It’s rare that it’s a solid middle ground. Sorry bud 🙁

  2. People have often asked for “proof” of the issues with skill based matchmaking / forced cross play. Here’s my example. Webcam blocked out because I’m not trying to self promo.

    The player we’re spectating is on Playstation, verified via FortniteTracker > Console Search Tool. This means he has at least 60fps and possibly 120fps, versus my (at best) 30fps. He’s division 6 and has a 4.27 k/d in solo this season. I decided to spectate because it was a player very clearly out of my skill level.

    This was my first game on after a few days off without playing. Imagine how many people will log on, get into the same lobby as this player, get annihilated, and stop playing.

    To those who would say “there’s not enough players” or “matchmaking varies depending on the time of day”: the VERY NEXT GAME I was in a lobby that I would consider accurate for my skill level.

    To those who would say “he’s not actually that good”: well, he was clearly much better than the rest of this lobby, given his double digit elimination victory, and he’s undoubtedly much much better than me.

    Sorry for the bad quality; I am on a Nintendo Switch, trying my best, and ideally I would be in a lobby with other Switch players who encounter the same bugs Epic won’t or can’t fix.

  3. I’m in the same boat. I feel like switch players get screwed the most because of forced cross play. Not even considering the problems with matchmaking, it is so hard to boxfight/have a close range shootout when the other player literally has 2-4x the fps as you. Throw in shit matchmaking and you get games that are essentially unplayable

  4. God, Fortnite on the Switch is horrendous. Awful graphics, constant lag, missing frames (especially when shooting), the majority of the time you can’t see opponents skins and they just appear as defaults. My WiFi has never been a problem, it’s fine for everything except Fortnite. Some days it’s like completely unplayable, other times it’s fine.

  5. Pubs has gotten a lot more sweaty since no builds since way more casuals play no builds. I guess that could be contributing to you’re being matched into players like this?

  6. I started out on a Switch, played on it exclusively for a solid 9 months or so. Then I went to PC and finally Xbox. Turns out my performance and lobbies are almost exactly the same across the board.

  7. We need the option for input based lobbies. Switch vs. switch, controller vs. controller, keyboard vs. keyboard. There is too big of a skill gap between inputs for everyone to be in the same lobbies. It would be much better to have the option to only play against others who have similar advantages/disadvantages.

  8. I can’t say much for here as I exclusively play no-build for this reason alone.

    I’m a pc player and I have noticed tougher matches during peak hours for solo’s where I have to play like I’m in an algs tournament. I’m no great player by any means, but because I get a few kills or survive late rings, SBMM assumes I’m very good and as such matches me with very good players so it’s working as intended.

    That’s where I think the issue lies. SBMM isn’t looking at overall performance, it probably takes samples from previous matches and looks at placement plus kills. So surviving a late ring with 4 kills under your belt is probably pushing up your MMR.

    I did notice on my last match because I wasn’t having fun and was ready to throw in the towel for the day, that suddenly I was getting easier encounters and placed top ten, dying to an opponent who popped me in a few hits because I was low on health. Bad luck of the draw and not necessarily them being godlike.

    What I find interesting is one night I was up at around midnight and queued for a match and had a much easier time. This led me to believe that playing outside of prime time is likely to make SBMM more accurate, because I was running into opponents of a similar skill level, opposed to what I run into during prime time.

    So my take on this is that SBMM struggles during prime time because so many high skill players are on, and they have to get into a game somehow. Your MMR increases because even if you didn’t win you survived a lot and were getting kills in-between matches, so you’re matched with players who seem out of your league, but it’s because their MMR is around your own.

    Tl;dr SBMM works better during off-peak hours imo. This is purely experimental and I have no solid evidence other than my own personal experience, which may not reflect other people’s outcomes.

  9. Finally someone talks about it! This is the reason i switched over to playstation because switch player have the worst skill based matchmaking and get put in a lobby with someone who’s 100 times better than they are.

  10. This is why I dropped solos after week 2. Yes I can build and have great aim but there is a point where no matter what I do, the switch cant compete with the other systems.

    On side note matchmaking is also broken in Rumble. I played for 90 minutes yesterday and won 1 game. At points, I had 20 kills but my team was losing by 40 💀

  11. looked the guy up on Fortnite tracker, has 1,300+ wins and is div 6 but has a history of getting champs league. yeah switch players should have crossplay as an option.

  12. Every. Single. Game.

    And im on xbox, yet i face people that edit like this or have 100% accuracy every time even if i have 15 solo victory in my whole “career” ( i play since the day fortnite battle royale released on console,while waitinf for pubg to release. Stopped playing lot of times but still ). My aim is not good, i can barely crank 90’s , i play with friend that are in almost full bots lobby yet when i play solo i get destroyed by blacknights,repears or renegades.

    I really think the issue is that the matchmaking only take the age of your account in consideration, no matter the other stats are, its the only thing that matter, or its just broken.

  13. how hard is it to not play on switch and play on pc ? Jesus even my 12 year old friend can do that kind of stuff and you’re here grown ass man complains about sbmm instead of improving or find a solution

  14. I don’t have any problem with people being good at the game or practicing, but there is something soooo…. what’s the right word…. lame about building a full box and editing out of it the entire time you’re moving. Basically tell me you’re a Virgin without telling me you’re a Virgin

  15. Could be a switch player cause some of them are crazy.

    But I can see why your complaining. They might be a creative warrior hoping into pub games just to show off

  16. I did 2 kills in my last 15 matches. Since there is no build my sbmm in build mode is so unfair that it is not fun at all. I‘m playing this game for 4 years now, but I am not fucking pro

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