15 thoughts on “Taskmaster can copy anyones fighting technique…”

  1. cereal_killah_1980

    I really hope fortnite takes note of the tire revolution (no pun intended) and adds something next season as a way to honour u/mtaylor0812_
    Best case scenario they add master chief as a npc and he sells tires lmao.

  2. This is the smartest and most brilliant thing that I’ve ever seen happen in Fortnite.

    This is bloody incredible.

  3. cereal_killah_1980

    First kill with the tires and this poor guy had a crown too. You just know he was hella mad.

  4. It’s been a lot harder with jet packs in play now, but I got a couple people in this spot with the tires. Tire kills are just the best.

  5. You’re lucky, the only person taskmaster can’t copy is moon knight. Had that been Marc instead of Stephen, you’d be dead sir.

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