6 thoughts on “That’s interesting, at least for me”

  1. Just another artifical limitation epic put on skins for absolutely no reason, you cant even wear capes with the naruto skins base style cause his 2nd style has one…

  2. Worldly_Swordfish235

    I saw bots using built in pickaxe and glider , and npcs using built in emote

  3. SonicTheHedgehog99

    There was also onetime a El chaplin colorado skin was holding Thor’s hammer and Only Thor and Captain America and hold it

  4. Report the bot for cheating by doing the impossible and also for owning the OG floss when the bot didn’t even exist back in Chapter 1 Season 2.

    No wait… Let me guess…. The bot bought an OG hacked account or something? (Joking)

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