the 1000 v papel offer for pass + any skin?

I’m a new player and curious about it. There was a offer that it says “for 1000 v papel the battle pass + conspirator fish”(Not sure about english but it was a fish costume)
I am curious about it comes every pass ? I am waiting for that offer because better than 950 v papel for the pass. If it comes every pass when it comes pls say me

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2 thoughts on “the 1000 v papel offer for pass + any skin?”

  1. Overlord_Yosai

    pardon? Don’t think there was ever a battle pass bundle with a fishstick reskin, most I can think of is agent fishstick

  2. Fortnite Bassassin Challenge Pack.
    You can find it online thru resellers. It doesn’t include BP, but 1000 V Bucks which is enough for a BP.

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