27 thoughts on “The Blimp above Coney Crossroads has crashed on the land instead of the water.”

  1. Good. Now time to destroy the one over rocky. That blimp has been the bane of every no builders existence for literally the entire bottom half of the map. That blimp has so much goddamn FOV due to all the flat terrain. Coverage on butter barn, Death Valley, and all the way to the gas station. A team camping that blimp basically can burst and thermal camp the entire bottom map

  2. ConnexusStudent

    I wish the I.O Could win some of the battles. The war story is just really lame, and i feel like more people are on team I.O. at least all the people i know.

  3. Why do I feel like this chapter will be shorter then chapter 2 considering we’re only in the second season and crazy shit is already happening

  4. My main question is why is it only this small segment? this is like a 5th of its’ full size.

  5. CamaroniPepperonii

    It doesn’t really look like it crashed, it looks like it was brought down safely and softly and then scraped

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