47 thoughts on “The map is FLOODING, on Android devices.”

  1. If I had a nickel for everything fortnite’s map flooded, I’d have 2 nickels. Which isn’t a lot but weird it happened twice.

  2. So, next season is season 3, slated to begin around summer, ghost flags appearing, Epic decided to update summer Jules now of all times; Logjam’s water is glitched in the minimap (and apparently on mobile as well)

    Doomsday device 2

    Flooding season 2.0 anyone?

  3. I think there will be a flood somewhere in the map. Especially in the stream area of the desert. I was driving near the bank along the stream where there’s no water, but there was splashing sound as if I was driving over water. Could be a glitch, or codes potential leading up to some flooding later in the season.

  4. This is interesting because I remember a bug on mobile during Chapter 2, Season 2 where the water level was showing higher just like this screenshot, and the very next season (Chapter 2, Season 3) we got a flooded map. I know this is just a bug, but maybe we’ll get another flooded map.

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  6. KoffashOnYouTube

    Yeah…that’s probably an issue. Should do something about that, maybe throw in a sponge.

  7. JayRogPlayFrogger

    It’s like this on the map for console and when I was gliding over Logjam I saw that the snow was blue where the water was on the map

  8. Off-topic, serious question: Is the mobile version of this game even any good? Can it even be compared to its PC and console counterparts?

  9. This takes me back to the Floor is Lava LTM, those were good times… the entire community playing one single game mode, probably the best and most exciting game mode in fortnite history perhaps

  10. IOnlyReddit4Fortnite

    I actually think a flooded chapter 3 map would be even cooler, and they would have the chance to do it right this time by keeping the high water level and unique landmarks/POI changes. The floating suburbs were awesome

  11. Can you actually swim in that water if you go down there? Or is it just a visual glitch and you walk right through?

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