The Maw single-handedly ruined the entire expansion.

I’m not intending to add unnecessary negativity here, I genuinely have a grievance with a specific aspect of the game that accumulated into The Maw. So, this post isn’t just about The Maw specifically, but rather the bigger picture. This is genuine feedback.

First of all, when Shadowlands came out most of us agreed that The Maw was bad. It’s been a general consensus for awhile. But, after having just re-subscribed after playing other MMOs and other video-games, I’m actually in awe of how terrible The Maw is. It’s depressing from an aesthetic stand-point, it’s slow to traverse and do anything in. This is not a zone designed by anyone who actually plays this game. Which brings me to my breaking-point today –

I just had one of the worst experience while playing this game. I thought to myself “let’s go see what this Night Fae Assault thing is all about” because I had the Maw weekly quest bar to fill. I get there and grab a bunch of quests and am entirely confused as to what I’m doing as I’m walking around as slow as possible in this thing that told me to hop on it’s back. I run around, see mobs that require me to kill them but I don’t get credit or anything on this vehicle. Once I finally get off, I’m attacking mobs and elites for the quest that takes AGES to kill. I was thinking to myself for the first time in a very long time “I hate this game” –

Despite having just re-subscribed 3 days ago, I was annoyed. I should say that I’m actually very tolerant to things in WoW. I even enjoyed most of BFA. But I couldn’t help but feel resentment towards this game in this moment, knowing it was being designed by someone who has never played this game and is only designed by a metric that says “make this as slow and painful as possible so their time-played is increased” – or at least that’s what it feels like.

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed this need to slow down every aspect of the game. It started during the second-half of BFA actually when they introduced Daily Quest pick-ups instead of the quick and easy World Quest method to zones. This was around when Classic became super popular and everyone was excited. I swear they thought to themselves “lets design the game to be like Classic where it was slow and maybe players will think that the slow gameplay will equal depth.”

Legion is my favorite expansion. For a lot of reasons and one of them is because of how fast-paced the game was. Everything was fast-paced. It felt like the game was designed by ARPG developers instead of MMO ones, and I say that as a good thing. It was a breath of fresh air that it felt like Blizzard WANTED you to have fun. Even just the tiniest detail like giving Shamans Ghost Wolf form to be as fast as ground mounts if Rexxar was your bodyguard, which meant you could be mounted in caves and other indoor places. You think Blizzard would ever allow such a thing to exist nowadays? Hell no. They’ve been removing any sort of move-speed stuff and all things fun since BFA. I wish I was over-exaggerating, but I’m not.

Before anyone thinks I’m just being negative for the sake of being negative in a pool of negativity that has been the past 4 years of this game. I’m actually not. I’m surprised how infuriated I was while playing in The Maw. But, I do enjoy the game outside The Maw. Sure it’s not as fun as Legion, but it’s still an entertaining MMO experience to say the least. I just wanted to make this post because I feel like it’s something that doesn’t get talked about often – the speed of the game and how slow it’s become. Yeah sure, you’ll hear someone complain about it here and there, but I feel like it’s never brought up when people give real feedback back to Blizzard. I’m worried they don’t realize how much worse the game feels when it’s this slow. I don’t speak for everyone, but I’ve been thinking about this for 3 years now and I just wanted to speak up about this one thing that has been annoying me.

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11 thoughts on “The Maw single-handedly ruined the entire expansion.”

  1. BoringUwuzumaki

    This honestly sounds like you not knowing how to do quests rather than any direct problem with the maw

  2. I only played for a few months post-launch, same as I’ve done for every expansion since Cataclysm (sans BFA, didn’t jump in that until 8.2), so I’m sure my opinion differs from people who didn’t stop playing

    I really liked the Maw at launch. It was *dangerous*. It was refreshing. I had to carefully plan my itinerary. The enemies hurt. A lot of the mundane tasks needed cooperation. It was the most vanilla-feeling experience I’ve had in over 10 years.

    I stopped playing shortly after I reached max rep with Ve’nari, and I totally missed 9.1, so I’m missing a good chunk of why people don’t like it. But I like it.

  3. Unfortunately there seems to be this really strange mindset that nothing in WoW should ever be different and it should just focus on PvP, M+ and Raids and rinse repeat forever.

    The maw was an interesting experiment to give a different type of zone. Without these attempts to freshen the game it would just turn into a lobby for instanced content. I just wish they wouldn’t abandon these ideas so quickly.

  4. I agree the Maw is rough and those assaults are tedious. You can definitely just skip them entirely.

  5. Peatearredhill

    It took me 3 sittings to finish the maw intro. I haven’t gotten to the maw dailies part, but that intro and honestly Bastion are so freaking bad it’s like a bad joke starting Shadowlands. I’m currently in Maldraxus and I still don’t like it so far.

  6. The Maw upset me – but if you keep grinding through it becomes less of an issue. Plus as a paladin i re-rolled ret to prot, when I was dying a lot in the beginning and have to retrieve stygia. I rarely go down there these days even if the covenant quest is down there and I forget about the world boss there.

  7. The maw sucked. I was able to basically skip the entire zone and still do mythic+ which is all I care about.

  8. GiantJellyfishAttack

    I didn’t care about the maw. It’s the daily system that needs to go.

    It’s bad enough I’m forced to do dailies just so I can get into a cutting edge guild. But once I finally grind out the sockets and conduits, the next tier comes out they just reset it all and make me grind out a new set of equally dumb dailies for the exact same upgrade items I just finished farming. All they did is change the vendor and make it a new reputation.

    I’m not doing it again. Did it all last expansion. Did it for 9.0 and 9.1. But it’s not happening anymore. Give me alternatives that aren’t mind numbingly easy. Let me grind it out in dungeons like in legion and artifact power. Remove it all together. Anything other than what it is now.

  9. Upper-Meal-9056

    The Maw was actually awful, but I will admit when I saw how much it borrowed from other games I liked I initially had hope. The idea of a zone that started off with very incremental progression loops, losing currency on death, no mounts, crawling with elites. It SOUNDED cool. But I honestly expected it to change much more dramatically than it ended up doing so.

    I was hoping we were only seeing the phase 1 version of the Maw, and that we’d eventually end up mastering the zone, unlocking all the things that make it into something more like…Zereth Mortis! Which is actually the best quest hub they’ve ever designed. But they didn’t, it sucked for the whole expansion and contributed MASSIVELY to players feeling fatigued. When Sanctum of Domination raid came out with all those Maw/Torghast themed assets I’d already had enough of them.

  10. I think the Maw was fine, it was an interesting change of pace to what we normally had for an endgame. The sense of danger was real. The problem was the aesthetic design of the zone. It was so drab and one-note which made it difficult to really get invested in. They just needed to inject a bit more visual diversity into the zone. Something as simple as having some of the zone visually look like Icecrown might have been enough to do it.

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