13 thoughts on “The Origin is the chadest of chads”

  1. BampanadaOfficial

    The origin’s an asshole imo. He doesn’t trust anyone and only believes his designs will work because he’s the tactician, not even listening to his teammates’ ideas.

  2. He’s British tho.

    And a strict asshole who is another member of the seven preventing them from uniting.

  3. TheDarkNinja32x

    Wait if the origin was the cube king does that mean he was marryed to the cube queen or was that his daughter or was that a whole new person… I’m so confused now

  4. *Any skin in the game* “I would never be a simp.”

    *Slumber* “Anything for you king.”

    Slumber is obviously hotter

  5. I refuse to believe this thread isn’t just littered with 13 year olds. You’d have to have a seriously underdeveloped sense of humour to find this even remotely funny.

  6. whip0already_read-it

    He no one wants to wrek io no problem eliminate everyone with green sniper and break down while io building set up data centers to rekt them as imagind anything

  7. Dont simp for erisa, kiara ko and others. Simp for the origin. But im another person, and dont simp at all

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