The Role Tanks play in OW2

After watching OW2 game play i noticed something. Blizzard Stated they wanted to make tanks more brawler like. But they also have now made tanks really good field mitigators.

5 tanks now have abilities that deal with absorbing/ deleting damage. eats projectiles.
Orisa deletes Bullets.
DoomFist absorbs damage to increase his rocket punch.
Sigma eats bullets and projectiles to gain shield.
And Zara absorbs damage to increase damage.

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2 thoughts on “The Role Tanks play in OW2”

  1. Well, if you want tanks to be able to actually tank, but also deemphasize barriers, you’ll need to add more damage mitigation.

  2. This makes sense since they need to absorb that damage in a way to get into enemy lines, I mean, it would be very frustrating if you’re trying to get into your enemy and just die before even get close

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