10 thoughts on “The social scene in wow is dead.”

  1. The /hi return rate in WoW has always been low even back in the day.

    Unless you were doing an elite quest/dungeon and had to group up.

    Leveling has become a less important part of the game. You just rush through unless your doing loremaster or just leveling for fun to see the zones if your new.

    You make friends by joining guilds and doing stuff with them. Not by saying hi to a random stranger in the outside world.

  2. Well no not really, it just shifted to websites like this.

    You are WoW socializing right now by making this thread.

    When WoW was made the only social media site was what, Myspace? So the best way to socialize was talking in game.

    Since then not only have more websites taken off, but there is also Discord which has made coordination and communication easier than ever.

    Just like how people often mute the game music and open spotify, they get their social aspect out of game instead but it doesn’t mean the community is less sociable.

  3. Acrobatic_Pandas

    The socialization happens in discord and in guilds now. I still chat with random people, but most people are in discord and talking with their circle of players.

    There’s a lot of socialization in the game now.

  4. I think people forget that one of the roles for MMO’s, being some of the first social media, has been replaced by, well, social media.

    Does it suck? In some ways. Was it bound to happen? Yes.

  5. Most of thesocial interaction in this game nowadays occurs in guilds and/or on discord.

  6. GiantJellyfishAttack

    Blizzard has been actively taking the MMO part out of this game and making it a single player rpg with other people just running around in the background.

    It’s honestly closer to elden ring than any other MMOs now a days. How you can see other people but they don’t really have any affect on you.

    Even if someone comes to help you kill a mob, doesn’t even matter, the health just scales so it take the same amount of time if there is 1 person or 10 people. Or if there is a chest on the ground, doesn’t matter, everyone gets to loot it. Or maybe there is a herbing node… Also doesn’t matter. Everyone gets to hit it lol.

    Even the open world isn’t an open world anymore. Most quests seem to be instanced off scenarios. Everything is phased or sharded. There’s a high chance if you go try to find a friend in some zone, you’re gonna be phased differently and can’t even see them. Might be war mode or a different part of a quest or maybe you’re on a different expansion.. the only multiplayer left in the game is when you group up and do instanced content. It’s sad. That’s not what an MMO should be…

    Not to mention the death of severs and the community that came with it.

    You’re 100% right. The social aspect is dead. The people saying this game has always been like this are wrong.

  7. The_Gilded_Pigeon

    I mean, it’s kind of always sorta’ been this way? Even back in the hayday, most interaction would be found in a guild. How often do you say hi to people in the street?

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