21 thoughts on “The story of all the other various dragonflights to be involved / expanded in 10.0”

  1. Yes nether wing get representation! I was disappointed when blizz decided half of them would go mad and try and ransack the nexus.

  2. Not gonna lie I just want Sabelion to at least be referenced so I know the team knows he exists. Would love to see Wrathion, Ebonhorn, and Sabellion to lay claims to leading the black dragons, and have a story go from there.

  3. beepborpimajorp

    The netherwing drakes were hinted at being the solution to the current flights’ infertility since they were derived from the black dragon eggs brought to draenor and were still able to have babies. I think that’s been hinted at since WOD. So I’d hope they come back. Besides that, the other flights like the stone drakes, etc. seem to still be able to lay eggs too. It’s just the prime flights that lost the ability thanks to their aspects sacrificing their power for the dragon soul. So I’m interested to see how it plays out.

    I’d also really like to see the chromatic flight come back, especially since they were one of the original experimental flights that were made by other dragons. They and the dracthyr could have some interesting interactions given they were both created the same way and for the same purpose.

    I can see why the other flights would feel left out. You’ve got the primary flights lording over everyone and having so many problems, while the smaller flights had their own issues and never got any help unless a hapless adventurer squad stumbled onto them and either massacred them or did dailies for them. IIRC the storm drakes in particular were super bitter over this.

  4. Storm drakes, mah Odyn-touched boiiiis! They’re back, fuck yeah!

    Here’s to hoping it’s not just 1/10th of a patch, I’d love to spent some more time with my favourite dragons.

  5. Netherwing were created from exposing black dragon eggs to the energies of the Twisting Nether, I don’t recall if on purpose or as the result of the black dragons travelling to Outland, but they should find some common ground with the Dracthyr. I also hope to see Sabellion and probably the other experiments of the black dragons. If there’s an expansion to sort out the legacy of Deathwing it will be Dragonflight.

  6. What is your favourite dragonflight OP?

    Of the main flights, Blue is probably my favourite. Then of the lesser flights, definitely twilight. Twilight drakes I recall from cata had a lot of personality and were so so so damn angry.

  7. as they should. just because you have no aspect daddy doesn’t mean you aren’t a worthy dragonflight.

  8. “expect these other dragonflights to be involved as well”?

    Yeah. Arthas was ‘involved’ in SL.

  9. HELL FUCKIN YEAH!!!!!!!! I hope we get more chromatic drakes too- there are wild ones out there, and we encountered one in bfa. I love their colors so much!!! 😀

  10. FINALLY!

    These guys deserve more story, so glad they’re being included.

    The Green Netherdrake is still one one of my favourite after all these years

  11. i do maybe a little hope for some chromatic dragonflight representation.. seems like we might with the idea of the dracthyr using each dragonflight’s power (similar to the chromatic flight) but a bit unsure on that

  12. I hope that the Netherwing Dragonflight has nothing to do with the plot, and they just show up to challenge the locals (and the player) to races.

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