The visualize sound option is amazing

Super underrated feature. Every game needs this. I’m not even deaf or hard of hearing, I just like listening to music or podcasts while gaming. Even if I’m not listening to something it still is a big help for just giving information quicker and more accurately.

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43 thoughts on “The visualize sound option is amazing”

  1. I’m actually deaf and it helps me distinguish location in buildings lol. Kinda why I’ve stayed playing as it’s one of the only games to do it.

  2. Has anyone else been experiencing chests not having sound visuals or hardly hearing them when your standing right next to it?

  3. Underrated? All the pros use it, it’s a HUGE advantage, I almost immediately went from being extremely poor at the game to very average once I turned it on.

  4. Honestly it’s crazy how some people refuse to see it’s value.

    I regularly see/hear enemies way before my squad mates.

  5. Photonic_Resonance

    I think it’s an incredibly accessibility feature and is also useful for anyone without headphones. But I don’t use it since I already use headphones and it’s visually distracting

  6. The_Fortunate_Fool

    I’m one that can’t turn the volume up loudly, because the only time I have to play is when the kids are asleep.

  7. Theres a lot of good reasons, reasons other than being deaf why it’s useful and why people use it. I just hate the fact I’ve been killed so many times because someone knows my exact location based off a tiny miniscule sound and otherwise wouldn’t of even known I was there otherwise without xray vision. And it let’s you see reboots from like half the map away, ik those are supposed to be loud but its literally impossible to reboot

  8. Im a converted warzone player since no build (never played before) and I think it’s one of the contributing factors to making this game feel much less sweaty. In wz I would always be on high alert listening for any audio queues with my vol. At full blast.

    I personally love it as I can play on much quieter vol and relax knowing I can’t be snuck up on (I know I can still be but it rarely happens.

    I also just assume everyone uses it so level playing field.

    Also sometimes when I want to full casually play I don’t even put my headset on, so good!

  9. I have an honest question on it. My teammates are not very good players and play more for the fun. They all use this feature but they never know where a player is in close quarters combat. They always seem to be a few steps behind. Is this indicator a second late with footsteps (so you may think a player is above you when they’ve already dropped down) or are my teammates just that bad? I hear everything really well so I’ve always hesitated toggling this on as I don’t want my eyes to overrule my ears if they are more accurate, however it would be nice to see the footsteps before I can hear them.

  10. Glittering_Gas_5031

    Funny you bring this up, because every since the most recent update mine haven’t been working for chests and stuff. PS4 pro/controller. Anyone having this issue?

  11. One of the best features ever, hearing is no skill and you shouldn’t need a 100$+ sound setup to get accurate audio.

  12. lol “underrated”. Yeah very underrated when everyone that plays fortnite uses it. If you don’t use it you’re basically crippling yourself. It’s an extremely unfair advantage. Especially against opponents who don’t know it exists and don’t have it on. I think it should either be removed or made standard.

  13. I like it and use it but I also think its OP. The littlest sound now completely gives people away

  14. It’s been far too strong ever since it got buffed, allowing you to use 3D audio with it. The buff was completely unnecessary and I have no idea as to why they even did it, they really need to revert the change.

  15. lol “underrated”. Yeah very underrated when everyone that plays fortnite uses it. If you don’t use it you’re basically crippling yourself. It’s an extremely unfair advantage. Especially against opponents who don’t know it exists and don’t have it on. I think it should either be removed or made standard.

  16. People happy that they don’t even need to pay attention to the PvP game they’re playing really says a lot about the game’s sound… or how OP this feature is.

  17. I’m so torn on it. On one hand it is one of the best accessibility features ever made in a game, and I hold no Ill will to people that need to use it, but the fact that sweats use it now just makes the game so corny to me.

  18. Meh I have ears so I don’t use it. That said if anyone wants to use it.. go for it.

    Thanks for down votes guys. Much ❤️

  19. It’s honestly overpowered as hell and really should be removed or nerfed

    I understand people are deaf but I’ve had multiple scenarios of me hiding behind something and the person walking by knowing exactly where I’m at because of the indicator on the screen

  20. cereal_killah_1980

    My issue with it is when there’s a discrepancy between the volume of the sound effect and the display. For example unless someone is near you you can’t hear them using a bandage or drinking a mini but the visual notification will tell you from a decent distance that someone is healing. That’s my issue. I will always prefer my 360 degree audio headphones because it’s easier to differentiate between what’s above or below then the visual notification that shows straight ahead. Also the realism for me. It’s much more Immersive to rely on your hearing (if you actually have it) than being directed by a cue on screen.

    The fact they dumb down the directional sound when you turn on the notifications helps keep me from being too bothered by it but it kinda bugs me when a teammate says they ‘hear’ foot steps via the notification when I haven’t heard it yet myself.

    TL;DR: I just wish the audio matched the visual cues in distance. Last season everyone started turning on their visual cues because you could ‘hear’ the reboot vans from halfways across the map and swing over to stop them. That felt cheesy

  21. I’ll be honest I use the visualized effects cause I can’t hear well unless I wear earphones and even then I can’t even tell sound direction like I can with the sound wheel. The feet direction has saved me a lot and the shooting sounds helps me find where battles are.

  22. where-is-my-bread

    Even with headphones, it picks up stuff I hadn’t even noticed/considered. I’d know there’s people ziplining/in my area just by the visualisation alone.

  23. I have a hearing issue I should not disclose, but yeah this option is basically one of the main things that made me stay on this game. Have used it since all the way back when it muted all the audio.

  24. HippieDogeSmokes

    I love watching king videos when playing, turned it on like 3 years ago and haven’t turned it off

  25. Fortnite_God_100

    Ya i love visual sound effects. especially when Im hiding in a car from someone at 1hp waiting to pop a medkit until they are out of visual sound effect range. Strats in no builds get wacky sometimes

  26. NuNuTheGamingJackal

    I think its a nice feature, I don’t usually have my volume up loud cause I care for my girlfriend who has mobility issues and also has to be hooked up to a dialysis machine at night when I am usually awake cause of my work schedule. So it allows me to play while still being able to keep the volume low enough for me to hear if she needs me to help her.

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