13 thoughts on “There should definitely be a Search Bar in the Discovery Tab. How isn’t this a thing yet?”

  1. What they also need is a number indicator telling you how many people are playing a game mode, like every other game in history, so you don’t waste time queueing for a game mode no one is playing.

  2. Creative is such a mess. All of the “suggested” modes are these wonky broken ass games with clickbait, weirdo thumbnails and rules that are often completely unexplained. There’s cool stuff I’ve found, but those maps are buried by whatever algorithim is pushing, <<<<MYTHIC TILTED RED VS. BLUE PRO 100 DEATHRUN (IMPOSSIBLE!) [PREGNANT SPIDER-MAN?!?!?!?!]>>>>>>>>[

  3. Or just revert it half of the gamemodes in that menu screen are just copy and pastes of the red vs blue mode with slight color change with maybe 1 to 2 weapons changed

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