22 thoughts on “They complain about SMGs but the Drum shotgun is a problem since the season’s release”

  1. Since the release? It’s always been a problem unless you’re in the build included mode

  2. Am I the only one who hasn’t complained about the SMG and Shotgun meta?

    Because I get killed more with Auto Shotgun than Drum Shotgun and Combat SMG.

  3. Bad players desperately trying to explain that the Drum Shotgun is balanced because you made a mistake

  4. yes, when you shoot a guy once and then slowly fly away with no cover, you’re going to die. you had ample time to kill him with any of your other weapons or slip behind the rock right in front of you. drum shotgun fires fast and is easy to hit so it will punish bad plays, but blaming the gun won’t make you any better.

  5. The_Legit_Excalibur

    You could have easily killed him, yet you tried to fly and reload instead of switching. This ones on you man.

  6. You cant just go sniping out in the open like that on no build mode.

    And when you saw that they were coming with a shotgun, you didn’t immediately take cover or flee in jet pack. Wanna talk about op.. JET PACKS ARE OP. You really should have been able to avoid this in so many different instances

  7. A-Living-Human

    Im going to lose it if epic makes the game somehow even much more worse than it is now next season

  8. Nah, see, the Drum can’t be a problem because it’s a shotgun and it’s not underpowered. Fortnite players love them that shotgun meta.

    And the Stinger is a problem because it puts the shotgun meta at risk.

  9. Is the drum shotgun a crutch? Yes it can be. However, I see several mistakes here. You’re positioned with an exposed flank and only mere cover to utilise while engaging someone on higher ground.

    You saw and heard the audio cues, however you panicked and instead of taking cover, took to the air leaving you exposed not only against the drum shotgun user, but also the enemy you previously engaged.

    This is a case of not the weapon overall winning the fight, but bad positioning and choice of engagement. Picking good spots and observing surroundings helps avoid people getting the jump on you, and if needs be you have cover you can retreat to so you can heal and reset the fight.

  10. Yeah this is the reason why I’ve been taking a break. last month i hit 100 and I haven’t played since because why try when you can just get ambushed by a totally balanced weapon out of nowhere!

  11. Even though you kinda panicked there, I agree that this gun is not balanced and needs some nerfs

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