33 thoughts on “This guy claims to be an Epic Employee”

  1. Not an EPIC employee, certain unreleased skins can be found in the files, and you can fuck around with them to make it so you can be wearing it. It’s bullshit, not an EPIC employee, just someone who went into the files and was messing around.

  2. That’s just a cube monster skin and isn’t even rigged properly in the 3D frame. That’s just someone messing with the files and getting “unfairly” banned in the coming future.

  3. Definitely just some kid with a skin hack that loads up character models from the game files. Honestly if they were an Epic employee they probably wouldn’t care about showing off this kind of thing to other people. Plus the use of aimbot and the promotion of a YouTube channel is definitely suspect.

    Most people who do software development would likely have a few test servers just for employees to test on or for reproduction of bugs—best guess is that their servers allow for open manipulation of game rules and are server-based, not account-based. Any employee checking out a live server is likely there just to monitor things, probably won’t say anything (or anything to suggest that they’re employee; there might even be rules against that), and they likely won’t have any special “powers” attached to their account which would draw attention to them (they could probably wear the holographic foil version of the Marvel characters, but they probably wouldn’t use something that isn’t a skin like a random mob’s character model).

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