27 thoughts on “This is absolutely ridiculous. Farm bots galore.”

  1. What’s worse is that I’ve reported the same druid bot in Maldraxus multiple times since launch and he is still there!

  2. Blizzard needs a huge initiative to reduce botting in retail and classic. It absolutely ruins the game. They should be investing millions new automated tools. That said, they also need to hire a lot of human beings for this too. The human GM will always be more effective but more costly. Invest in your game Blizzard.

  3. Yesterday they baned a guy on the forums who made an amazing tanking guide because he recomended an addon called GTFO and it is worthy of punishment.

    Boting and ruining the economy of full servers? Nah, that’s fine!

  4. Are they actually a bot or someone with 5 accounts with 4 on follow running around and herbing?

    Edit: I suppose if it wasn’t a bot they’d actually have flying.

  5. there are druid bots all over maldraxxus too. ive reported a few. idk what blizzard needs to do to combat bots ruining the economy when they can just buy a new account when their other one gets banned and buy a boost straight from blizzard

  6. One of the main incentives of manufacturers building in China is that the Chinese government gives some loose protections for your product not to be ripped off in blatant ways. For example, Tesla and Apple really have no choice but to have plants in China. If they didn’t, the Chinese government would make exact knocks-offs.

    I wonder how much of that is going on here. It doesn’t make much sense for blizzard to risk the entire cash cow for the relatively small amount of money that bot account subs make. My guess is there’s something bigger going on, WoW’s economy is bigger than some country’s GDP, it makes sense that organized crime/states would get involved.

    Imagine some rep in China saying they will ban all WoW if Chinese bots are banned. It would cost Blizzard billions in subs.

  7. I always like to check their achievement points to test if they are bots. Some people have like 15k, I heavily doubt they are botting, if they have 700 ish (anything under 1000 really) they are definitely bots. No new player explorers a bunch of zones while finishing none of them, hits max level, and says, all right, finally I can do herbalism, the reason I started playing this game!

  8. I remember back in WoD, there was entire raids of bots led by a single toon in pvp and they’d massacre towns and couldn’t hardly be stopped as they had macrod aoes and heals. Reported it to Blizz, and they sent me a response that actually said, sorry, they aren’t breaking any rules.

    Moral is, give Blizz enough money and you can do whatever you’d like.

  9. Solutions to prevent bots farming resources:
    1) Nerf druid gathering while in travel/flight form. (lol that will go well with people).
    2) Stop having set spawning points for herbs and ore. Create a grid on the gameworld map and have hundreds of potential spawning points but at a completely random location.
    3) Do it like Guild Wars 2 and have nodes be limited to once a day.

  10. **EDIT: Turns out everything I’ve said in the comment below is outdated information. It used to be true, but apparently Blizzard has changed their stance on the issue more recently – which is a very good thing! I’m going to leave the original comment below, because I don’t mind being wrong when the truth makes me happier.**

    Blizzards almost incomprehensible stance on multiboxing is that it’s “Not botting” because “One keypress = one keypress”.

    Which I find nonsense, because if you have 25 accounts all slaved together, one keypress specifically equals 25 keypresses.

    Y’know, actually, it’s not incomprehensible: it’s just money. 25 accounts is 25 subscriptions.

  11. In that same zone I always came across *a ton* of boomkins aoe farming the skinnable stuff. I reported them constantly but it never made a difference.

    They just need GM’s to look at these areas once a day in intervals to crack down on this stuff.

  12. This could be easily be solved if blizzard if they wanted to do it.

    Track player movement. If they do the exact same route more than once in a short period of time, put kaptcha every x minutes.
    Ban anyone who fails to resolve the kaptcha..

    But blizzard does not want to remove bots, cause bots also pay for suscriptions.

    Even if the bot Paid its time by buying wow token with that gold, the token needs to be paid by someone first with real money.

    Why do people buy token with money in the first place? To sell it for gold, cause bots cause inflation and this is the fastes way to earn gold

    Blizzard benefits from both the extra suscriptions, and the gold inflation via tokens selling

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