36 thoughts on “This is the worst”

  1. MarshmelloMike

    I’ve see this and honestly have been trying to have it happen. The timing has to be insane.

  2. This gives me a question, what happens if this happens in a 1v1 in the final circle with only two players left (you and him), who would win?

  3. I’ve had to watch this like, 5 times to understand what happened.

    I’m blaming the hangover

  4. honestly, that music was effective at the end. Kind of like the entrance of a villain lol

  5. The-dude-in-the-bush

    My first win was back in C1S5 and it happened completely by accident where I was staring up at the last guy and I think he fell off his builds. I merely stood there feeling my first win wasn’t deserved. 2nd win followed suit where all I did was place a few walls making the guy rocket himself and promptly get finished by the storm. Only my 3rd win was actually deserved. A fight at the very edge of the Anarchy Acres waterfall. A lil spray followed by a well earned 122 pump to the head. Most won battles had little to no building and I was proud of that I guess. I was kinda pressured to learn to build though as people became better from C1S8 right through to C2S8. Only did chapter 3 let me return to my eyes roots with new mobility options, good terrain and now no builds mode. I hit a crown Royale yesterday with 13 kills. Far better but of so nostalgic of the wins recieved in chapter 1. Can’t believe that other guy was so smug when RNG handed him the win and not skill. Like at least be humble

  6. Bro didnt even need to build he just walked in there with his shotgun and his confidence 😂

  7. This has happened to me as well. The person that won was a Captain America skin and he did a default dance

  8. If you get second place, does your opponent get the win or are both of you second place?

  9. This exact thing happened to me a few days ago and the dude who won emoted. Really guy?

  10. Don’t sweat the anonymous, dude. 95% of them are just wannabe professional fortnite nutjobs who have been playing 8+ hours a day since the game launched and like to prey on players with less free time rather than play with their own kind.

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