8 thoughts on “this quest hurts me”

  1. If you haven’t completed it yet here’s an easy way of doing it

    Find and Put a heavy sniper in your tent

    go into another match and land at rocky reels, Then Find a tent there (they have high spawns on-top of the blimp) and then shoot the i.o guard operated tank with the heavy sniper

  2. Even grinding those lantern challenges, I couldn’t find a heavy sniper until today in Team Rumble. Fortunately the other team had a tank to plink a couple of times.

  3. Use the battle bus at the bugle to destroy all the buildings and the loot will fall. Out of the 3 buildings id be amazed if there was not at least one heavy sniper.

    Then as the other ops said risky reels or tilted should be your best bet

    Good luck

  4. Got a heavy sniper in my tent you can have bro, I got my challenge done so you’ll just need some heavy ammo

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