This “War” against the I.O is incredibly one sided as we are winning everything. The Seven should lose sometimes to at least make it seem like competition.

This “War” against the I.O is incredibly one sided as we are winning everything. The Seven should lose sometimes to at least make it seem like competition.

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25 thoughts on “This “War” against the I.O is incredibly one sided as we are winning everything. The Seven should lose sometimes to at least make it seem like competition.”

  1. Scarif_Citadel

    It remains to be seen exactly how this will pan out.
    The last time we had POI changes based on opposing factions (Ghost Vs Shadow) was C2 S2.
    I agree with OP.

    Imagine for one moment in the last half of the season we can either align ourselves with the IO or The Seven.
    All these funding stations have been used so far to choose weapons, imagine if instead they became to choose a side.

  2. I’m pretty sure the reason why I.O isn’t putting up as much as a fight is with them working on “plan B”

  3. CaptainBotStick

    I’m pretty sure we are just gonna clap them until the event and then they’ll do something and we will lose the entire war

  4. The Seven winning everything makes the I.O. look incompetent and seem like less of a threat

  5. The sevens winning by so much it’s boring

    I think the cube queen will return before they win and mess everything up

  6. Phantom_The_fortnite

    I’d rather we lose and cant attempt a second chance. Or have a io version where we fight against seven sentinel’s and a upgrade version of them aswell over the seven out posts.

  7. The “competition” is going to be when they stomp us in the live event at the end of the season.

  8. Appropriate_Cup3700

    I think they are making The Seven win everything so that they get rid of Slone for good, and bring out a higher ranked leader than Slone that could give The Seven an actual threat. And I also think that The Last Reality will enter the Island again soon, beacause if you think about it, the Cube Queen is still on the Chapter 2 Island, she is just trying to find a way to the Chapter 3 Island.

  9. two things though, the IO at this point has probably come to terms with the fact that they will lose all of their conquered POIs, they’re most likely just using them and whatever army they can spare to buy them time to complete the new Doomsday Device, that and also the fact that the Seven have lived on this side of the island most likely since the end of chapter 1, when the IO was in absolute control of the chapter 2 island, this is the Seven’s field, their element, its normal for them to be winning a fight in their own turf, the only reason the IO did well in their first attack was because of the separation and in fighting of the Seven left them exposed and unprepared for the surprise drill attack

  10. Sloan ended up having some crazy plan to blow up the mothership when all looked lost, so I wouldn’t count out some crazy ass shit happening by season’s end/event.

  11. Honestly i hate that the seven were mysterious, then when we got fully introduced to them and told they were the good guys, Epic dosen’t let us choose a side and assume that we always want to side with the good guys, and yes many people do, but at least give us an option Man

  12. LunarEclipse09

    I agree with this, though the seven do have 5 members United so I think it is semi realistic

  13. OP I was literally think the exact same thing,no agreed with me. This war is 100% one sided so that’s why I’m on team IO

  14. I look at it like all us players are basically, canon wise-team Seven. And FNite has like 3 million players right so lol we just outnumber IO even tho they have fancy tech and knowledge

  15. Kermit-with-a-phone

    Remember the loading screen that description read “be prepared for plan B” IO has a backup plan and also are probably not trying fully since all they have sent out is a few io guards some io patrols and a io hunter with how much stuff io has its clear they aren’t trying

  16. My guess is they are working on a special weapon and just distracting. Like we look like we win but finale they come with their special ultimate weapon.

    That or hey. They drilled over here and might have limited resources since they are attacking the 7’s home.

  17. People make this thread all the time. I’m not sure what contrived pretense you have for suggesting this. It’s not like FN has an *actual* storyline and the longer this goes on the longer we have assholes landing in half the PoIs, hopping in a tank/bus instantly and subsequently bulldozing all the buildings down while the other 30 people (I’m discounting the 50-60 that land at Tilted/battlequest PoI and instantly die) are trying to… you know, play the game.

    This lore is ruining the game for no reason. It always is. Why support it? Memes?

  18. nah, the seven are the good guys.

    Also IO is nothing, they just have apparance, barely where able to get rid of the last reality, in REALITY, just made stuff worse by calling their queen.

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