Thoughts about the Fortnite Resistance Quests

Is it just me, because I really enjoy the Resistance Quests. I find the interactive quests that have something to do with the story is really nice and being able to hear their voices is even better. I really like what epic is doing to add more interaction to the Quests. What do you guys think?

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22 thoughts on “Thoughts about the Fortnite Resistance Quests”

  1. Imagine if they had done the ones with slone in ch2s7 like this with voice lines after doing each weekly quest too, now that would have been pretty cool

  2. APulsarAteMyLunch

    I like hearing the dialogue, it just sucks when you don’t have time to listen because you have to get the hell out of dodge.

    But I also find the stages thing a bit annoying, which is why I still prefer the weeklies as an XP source

  3. actorthrowaway2006

    Yeah, I think it’s cooler to hear the characters and feel like you’re more directly “interacting” with them. Reminds me of that stuff at Disney World, like the Kim Possible Epcot Challenge that used to be there.

  4. Effective-Interest28

    They’re extremely repetitive (land here, go there, repeat), but I’ll happily take the easy XP.

  5. I feel there’s a disconnect with them because if I’m landing and trying to do those challenges, I’m likely not paying any attention to what’s being said. There’s either going to be a fight, or just getting loot, that needs to be done. I rarely ever pay attention to what’s being said and just want the XP.

    It’d be nice if there was as some sort of library of the recordings so I could replay them outside of the battle. Similar to how we have fish and NPC catalogs, give us a way to replay all these messages.

    As it stands, I’ll just wait until someone makes a video explaining all the lore stuff.

  6. xXNebuladarkXx

    I love them. Also the imagined is probably gonna betray us based on her voice lines XD

  7. I’m not really a fan of staged quests, I prefer the season quests. Don’t like having a backlog of locked quest progression.

  8. They should really think of either a library where you can listen to all these dialogues, or a separate story mode, like battle lab, where you can just go and do the fetch quests and follow the story.

  9. size_matters_not

    I landed on one at the exact same time as someone else. I gave them a hug and we parted in peace. Be more like that player!

    Don’t be one of those a-holes who snipe you from behind at the battle zones. Attack me once the IO are dead, fine. But shooting people in the back when they are fighting NPCs for a quest we all have to do is a dick move.

  10. Fully agreed. It’s nice to have these small quests throughout the season that move the plot along a bit and give us some insight into the characters. Heck, it’s nice that obvious plot-related things (like these quests or the map changes that reflect the ongoing battle for the island) are happening, period.

  11. I like them because theyre easy lol. I like the voices but more often than not theyre just annoying because I cant hear shit while the voice lines are playing.

  12. I haven’t done them since week 2 all my quest week 3 and up have no moved a single notch

  13. yeah, I’m glad now the story actually progresses instead of just a season trailer and a live event and maybe some NPCs talking about stuff

  14. The_HueManateee

    They aren’t too difficult, give you a little something else to do during matches, are easy xp, and advance the story and let you interact with more characters. I see no issues with them

  15. I like the dialog and story that unfolds with them but God they’re repetitive and annoying. You most often can’t do them in one game and actually have to do each one in multiple games cause of how far apart the objectives for each stage is

  16. I’m probably in the minority here, but I could do without the whole thing. I understand it’s all about driving player retention but I just want to drop in and play the game. I haven’t spent 10 seconds on anything pertaining to anything outside of winning games.

  17. Knowndestroyer

    They do nothing for me, but I’m glad others like them. I play fortnite just for mind numbing shooting and fighting, not progressing a story I have literally zero care for. I prefer quests that are simple and easy to do just by playing the game, and personally I think the dialogue is extremely annoying.

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