32 thoughts on “To everyone what is one thing you hope Fortnite NEVER adds”

  1. Monetization-wise, NFTs, loot boxes or pay-to-win items.

    Gameplay-wise, the Infinity Gauntlet returns but if you snap, half the players in a match disappear. You wouldn’t have to own the Snap emote to do it, but it would still be unfair.


    18+ content mainly because its hilarious to read kids’ google reviews on the app store and google store to add sex to the game

  3. A chemistry teacher and one of his students with some funny blue liquid and some funny blue broken crystals and a caravan

  4. Shiruno_rinisaki0619

    Hotmics or whatever they’re called. People are way too toxic already and this would make it a lot worse

  5. I hope they don’t add fuel to weaker vehicles such as ballers and IO cannons. I wish that in no-building vehicles could have extra fuel.

  6. RED_Kinggamer007

    I accidentally read hope fortnite adds not never adds and was confused for a sec

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