29 thoughts on “Trying to finish the catch fish milestone is a pain”

  1. I mean the island is literally surrounded by ocean. You could fish in the margins, instead of the middle of the map near some particularly active POI’s….

  2. y’all gotta loot up before you start doing challenges so you can defend yourself

    i learned that lesson back in chapter one and that one music memory challenge in the desert biome 💀

  3. Fishing achievement is hard.

    If you fish at fishing holes they run out in one or two catches.

    If you fish outside of fishing holes you will catch ammo, empty cans, guns and sometimes small fries (same thing happens in party royale)

  4. You do realise you had flippers in your inventory right? Should of slid into the little shack and healed up then started fishing again. The other player probably wouldn’t of pushed you.

  5. it always amazes me that people play this game to get kills and not to win. The other day i was running around doing missions and this dude literally chased me into the storm for about 2 or 3 minutes and we both ended up dying to the storm

  6. the only time i fish is when i have a harpoon gun or im desperate for loot. But i find a harpoon gun a lot cause i actually break the fishing pole barrels all the time. so my fishing milestone is pretty damn high.

  7. All I see about s amateur fishing. I’m modest fish in builds. You didn’t crouch behind rocks or trees. You didn’t stack any fish you caught let alone eat them for heals while you fished. You basically just went next to a group of npc’s , got killed. Then made a lame video. Leave the fishing for the pros

  8. Don’t try to do it all at once. I land, fish a couple spots then play out the game. I’m almost done with the milestone. Fish also gets you quick shields.

  9. I tend to land on a beach, hopefully find a harpoon gun and catch 10 fish every game then play normally. Can give you a good start with weapons and heals. My favourite beach also has 3-5 buried chests which is handy. If I see somebody fishing I tend to leave them alone, unless they shoot first which of course they usually do.

  10. There’s a small island on the west side of the map with 2 barrels and surrounded by 7-8 fishing holes – I land there every match in no B and usually come out with 1-2 purples and a heap of fish

  11. Quickest way to do this is with a harpoon gun in the bay that surrounds the statue—usually there are a lot more fishing holes there (you can see a ton of them when you’re at around gliding over it about statue height and lower). Just make sure that it’s far not directly under the bus’ path of travel or else you’ll get a ton of people able to see you due to the relatively flat area.

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