“unexpected server error occured”

Is anyone else getting this when trying to enter the beta. Cannot get past it.


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23 thoughts on ““unexpected server error occured””

  1. I made it through after logging in manually right after the error, but it still took a little bit.

  2. Yes and I’m confused why anyone expected anything different. Clearly nobody played hearthstone between 2014 and 2016 or tried to get into the original OW beta

  3. 3 of my friends and I all got our access at the same times but they all were able to get in without this error while I only get this error and nothing else lol. Not 100% sure it’s servers being overloaded causing this issue.

  4. yep, got booted mid game. server overload likely. weird, did they not expect this to happen?

    this should have been done better.

  5. Traditional-Ladder43

    I was playing overwatch 1, disconnected from the server while playing competitive. I joined asap but my ssr went down and I was suspended from competitive

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