Unstoppable Conflict spell


Hi, i am very new to shadowlands I’m a level 56 DH completing shadowlands story line, therefore I have not picked a covenant at all yet, This effect is utterly annoying and seems to only happen when I engage in contact, how do I get rid of it, i dont really feel like fighting 3-4 things at once. I hope this makes sense


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  1. That’s the debuff you get when the Necrolord ability activates – it randomly summons a demon to attack you. Throw Glaive insta-kills the Demon, and when it dies, it explodes, dealing a bunch of damage to all enemies nearby, and healing you for 25% of your max HP.

    When you are levelling in a zone before you’ve chosen a Covenant, you get the abilities of the Covenant from that zone so you can try them out.

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