V-bucks bug

So guys, today i had this bug. Yesterday i purchased €32 worth of v-bucks (5000 v-bucks), bought stuff and left with 650. Today i login and i had 5000 more, checked the skin previously purchased and they are still there, tried to but a skin and it worked. I have 2FA so i don’t think someone hacked in my account. I am on ps4. What should i do? Should i email epic?

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  1. MrCuddlePawzzz

    Check your bank to make sure you weren’t charged twice. If you weren’t, keep quiet!

  2. studog-reddit

    V-Bucks come in “flavours” depending on which realm they are locked into:
    – Sony (2)
    – Nintendo (2)
    – PC and XBox (2)
    – unlocked (1)

    If you’ve got 5,000 V-Bucks in XBox realm, and play on a PlayStation, you won’t see those V-Bucks.
    The number of V-Bucks you see is always _unlocked + current realm_.

    Did you switch realms?


    Unlocked V-Bucks are only given as grants or rewards. The BattlePass V-Bucks are unlocked, for example. They are not purchaseable.

    The number in brackets is the spending priority. A lower number indicates those bucks are spent first. If you can’t see some of your V-Bucks, you can’t spend them.

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