[Video] Made a long post in “New Player Help and Guides” to a brand new player who is interested in tanking. Got suspended until July 22nd. More in the comments.

[Video] Made a long post in “New Player Help and Guides” to a brand new player who is interested in tanking. Got suspended until July 22nd. More in the comments.

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41 thoughts on “[Video] Made a long post in “New Player Help and Guides” to a brand new player who is interested in tanking. Got suspended until July 22nd. More in the comments.”

  1. There is a huge tank shortage in dungeon content and trolls have nothing else to do then remove posts for people that want to tank..urgh this is so stupid, hope it gets back up ASAP

  2. Did you appeal the ban? Seems like a mistake or the staff member who “reviewed” your post pulled a TL;DR.

  3. TheConfusionSetsIn

    Whether or not the decision is reversed, I hope you never lose your desire to help others. Your kindness is appreciated, even if there are times it doesn’t feel that way. Keep your head up, and I hope you have a nice day. 🙂

  4. Yeah, this seems like an error. Literally, the only thing I could spot that might be something that a system would pick up would be the mention of the GTFO addon, but you clearly state it’s an addon, so the context is totally valid.

    My guess is that it was either totally or partially automatic because someone falsely reported your post (which was great and very helpful btw), and they didn’t bother checking whether or not the suspension was actually applicable.

  5. Blizzard forum moderators are the most sadistic pieces of shit ever. When they did they changeover to the new forum design, suddenly it says I’m banned until the year 3000. I had been posting on the old forums right up until they took them down. A number of tickets about it later and all they could tell me is it must be a bug with the changeover, but they won’t remove it.

    In another incident, a guy on my server made a post asking for help with something. The thread went on for pages with back and forth discussion. Suddenly, a CM, Drysc I think, responds with “I just took a look at your profile and see that you’ve been banned before” and locks the thread. I messaged the poster, Drysc permabanned him… for being temp banned before. There was nothing wrong with the current thread.

  6. Welcome to why automated systems are embarrassingly bad for any sort of public forum.

  7. Every time I even briefly consider going back to WoW I see stuff like this and just completely lose interest

  8. HyperLightDream

    Banned for using the forums? Nice fucking job blizzard. How do you fuck up so often?

  9. Maybe it’s because they are not used to useful content that’s not on a 3rd party site? Do they still send people to wowhead to figure out how the game works?

  10. I got banned for a day for posting some reply about something harmless, a guy who disagreed with me must have had multiple accounts or something to flag the post a few times. I saw it yesterday too, some guy made a reply and within 3 minutes his post was flagged and hidden, it was completely harmless and non-offensive and there were no other posts in the thread after his post, almost as if someone is just trolling/stalking, that guy had ALL of his posts flagged and hidden in that thread..

    Bans are automated I think if you get too many flags, I have also had a ban for posting a guide before and I made a ticket about it, GM said I got caught by an over-zealous spam filter and unbanned me.

  11. Imagine how many ppl have found themselves in that situation, auto banned when being constructive, but they didn’t know how to apeal or just said fuck it and left it as is. This auto system might be hurting the comunity more than whar anybody thinks.

  12. Hey, hope you get unbanned, but I wanted to let you to know for the future that you probably got banned because of calling druids “thicca$ssboiiiii” typing it like that makes it bypass the mature language filter, which is against the code of conduct and can result in a temporary ban. I’d still appeal and try to get the ban shortened or uplifted tho!

  13. With the release of World of Warcraft: Dragon Tales and rerelease of World of Warcraft: Plagued Cities Must Burn, it’s been mentioned a lot that they listened to the community on a lot of requests.

    Perhaps it’s time to raise hell like no other on bringing back decent customer support as that in itself is a large part of the community.

  14. yourwitchergeralt

    Fuck their shitty anti consumer ban rules.

    It should be illegal for bots to do bans if they don’t have humans double check.

  15. Worth-Conclusion-66

    I literally posted some off hand comment a week ago for the first time in at least a year or two, something related to the game, nothing offensive or mean or anything like that. Got banned for 2 days. Pretty sure it’s just an AI banning people.

  16. Bet you anything that you got auto-suspended because of the addon you recommended with the unfortunate name “GTFO”.

  17. Booty_Blaster_9000

    The forums are a shitshow, always have been. Honestly there has never been anything of value there and sadly never will be due to undervalued and underpaid moderators who can’t keep the forums civil.

    I’m sorry OP but really, what were you hoping for in that hellhole?

  18. Great job. I like informative posts like this, but I have a bit of dark humor I want to share: you were banned for telling people how to play.

  19. The staff that moderate the forums are morons. They don’t look at most reports, if something reaches a certain threshold they just auto ban. In fact, their customer support in general is some of the worst in the world at this point.

    You’re better off avoiding that mess

  20. Pretty sure a lot of effort goes into making them non functional so they can claim to listen to feedback while no system exists for them to get it outside of their streamer preview discord

  21. Ah the wow forums, i am permabanned since tbc vanilla – because i replied “+1″/or “i agree”(not 100% sure anymore) as comment in a shaman patchnote whining thread. (everyone that responed to that post got banned lol) – i never tried to contact blizz about it – i just didnt care about the forums anymore.

  22. Automatic where bot reacted to GTFO addon.

    Or players that reported your post (I guess someone though your post was a troll) – Like why on earth would someone make a serious guide/help post?

  23. I feel ya op. I was banned from the forums for warning players not to group with BR players. Just do what I do and spam your advice in newcomer chat it isn’t moderated.

  24. Infamous_Rabbit_2878

    It is a shame that this happened to you. People rarely want to help others and when you stepped up, they banned you.

    WoW forums are an abomination. The entire moderation staff needs to be fired and replaced with people who actually do their job and not just blanket ban people because some moron reported your post.

  25. I’d like to know what twat went through and downvoted literally every comment in the thread leaving the entire bottom half of comments at 0 for no reason but I went up and upvoted everyone indiscriminately to even it out so you wasted both our times.

  26. That’s why wow is just bad. The community is scum and I really hope this kind of person dies out. Little kids raised like princes. Shame on your parents

  27. This is why you post in the EU forums. Not a single blue moderates there. At most, your posts will get hidden, but that can be solved with a single click. I’m sorry for what happened.

  28. if you look closely it says the COMMUNITY finds it innapropriate or offensive.


    means some unpaid neckbeard forum mod removed you so he could put his own “more popular” response up.

  29. BatteredPerson652

    I like playing a tank. The people who reported your post have no idea what it means to be one, not just in terms of mobs, but in terms of social interactions.

    A tank has to burden their group by themselves. Why do they deal a ton of DPS? So DPS don’t peel. Pop up AM’s and/or self-sustain in a big pull? So the healer can spread out their portfolio evenly in the event a mechanic hits a DPS.

    I don’t even play WoW currently and I feel your pain, the three month ban seems excessive for a post as benign as a guide. I bet these are the same people who say “Git Gud” to people hating boosts and want integrity to groups outside of forced manual grouping. Someone’s actively fighting against “Git Gud” and they get reported.

    I seriously hope they appeal your case, and not with a robot, but with a real human.

  30. Seems about right. The community is basically at war with tanks and you got caught in the crossfire.

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