Vote For Fresh needs to STOP!

Fresh has been bribing with v buck thirsty kids with a CHANCE to get v bucks. It’s not guaranteed. I searched throughout Twitter and have seen absolutely NO VOUCHES from people getting v bucks from this. The voting is pointless. Fresh is gonna rig more votes at this rate. This isn’t a vote, this is a chance at entering one of Fresh’s non-existing giveaways. It’s like supporting a creator, a creator could tell you to use their code for something benefiting you, but in the end, it’s a scam. THIS IS THE SAME SCENARIO. No one is getting anything for voting for what Fresh wants.

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4 thoughts on “Vote For Fresh needs to STOP!”

  1. Effective-Interest28

    The Rift-to-Go would be easily winning this vote with or without Fresh. Too many players actively hate the Boogie Bomb being used against them for it to have any chance of winning against a mostly liked item of the Rift-to-Go.

  2. You realize, of course, that the rift 2 go was going to win anyway, right? It was already winning the vote by double (a significant amount) before his video came out. Also, and I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but most players hate the boogie bomb.

    Edit: also, you genuinely believe he isn’t giving the vbucks away, too? You’re mad. Dude is genuinely nice, and you are just whiny.

  3. FeganFloop2006

    Agreed, fresh sees something he likes, and gets his peons to vote for it. For example, when it was the combat shotgun vs the boogie bomb, even after chapter 2 season 4, where the combat was horrible, fresh still said “I think the best option, is the combat” an yet I never even saw him using it in any of his following videos.

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