Weekly Quick Questions and Advice Thread – April 25, 2022

In this thread you can ask all kinds of questions you always wanted to ask without feeling like a total fool. No matter if it’s a short question you need an answer to, a concept that you can’t quite grasp, or a hardware recommendation, feel free to try your luck in here.

We also encourage that users post their gameplay clips and videos here so they can be reviewed for tips and improvement.

Trolling or making fun of people in here will be punished extra harshly! Please report such behavior.

For the purpose of helping people, make sure **the comments are sorted by “new”** in this thread. All top level comments should be questions or advice requests.

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49 thoughts on “Weekly Quick Questions and Advice Thread – April 25, 2022”

  1. I claimed my ow2 access an hour ago and says I connected my account but in the launcher there is no way to selected ow2 from the list. (The list above the play button) should I be worried that I didn’t get in or is it just backed up

  2. Did i miss the drop? I had to get up at 1am for this but forgot to set an alarm and now its 7am for me.

  3. Seeing if there’s a fix for the account situation, I had my pc account connected under a different name like a lot of people, changed it now will that effect it? Also people who had this problem might be able to get a drop on their youtube channel over the weekend if they link both of their accounts.

  4. I read something about Ana having a allied aim assist setting under controls>ana specific controls but I can’t find it. Was that something removed recently?

  5. How much time do i have to redeem the drop from Twitch? I already got the drop but i forgot to redeem it and im at work right now.

  6. Do you get an email after your claim time drop off do I just log into battle net launcher?

  7. Anyone know if in the beta, the fov can be increased beyond 103? Whats the limit. Is there horizontal/vertical fov options?

  8. what the heck I was at work and cant get the 4 hours before the window closes. Can anyone sell me their access or something

    bruh i have played everyday for the past year. why is twitch the way to get keys

  9. 3 hours since claiming access and still nothing for me. Bnet and twitch linked to one another, tried restarting / logging out etc to no avail

  10. Found out too late about the twitch drops thing, and theres only about 45 mins left of the event. Is there any info about it reopening tomorrow, or anytime soon? Or have I just missed my chance for the beta?

  11. By the time the drop ends, I’ll be at 97% of the four hours. Is there any way that I’ll get that last bit of percentage tonight or am I getting screwed over because I couldn’t get home before 5

  12. If I want to play OW2, is it worth me buying OW1 right now and then getting OW2 free? Or would it be a waste of money for me not to wait?

  13. I got the twitch drop but Battle.net doesn’t show the Overwatch 2 Beta anywhere in the drop-down menu for Overwatch. Tried changing the region trick, closing [battle.net](https://battle.net) and waiting, neither works…what else should I try?

  14. Fearless_Bullfrog_81

    Is it possible to get the Overwatch 2 beta on console I connected my account to my battle net account but still don’t know how to get it.

  15. I got access to the beta and it’s not in the drop down menu. I tried everything even going to task manager and closing everything battle.net. I used to have public test server and now that’s gone too and it’s just overwatch. This is frustrating, idk why it wasn’t just a code. 😞

  16. I got the twitch drop on a different device than the device I’ll be playing Overwatch 2 beta on, but the thing is that I didn’t download Overwatch before claiming the drop and after the time of downloading and waiting afterwards, it’s still not there, is there a solution to this or just wait more for now?

  17. Xxx_BastionPro_Xxx

    I watched my 4 hours got the key a few hours ago and still don’t have the ow2 beta version in the launcher. I have ow1 installed and all that. Am I missing something? Or if there a huge delay between it showing up. My battle net and all that is linked correctly to. Any help appreciated

  18. Have had drop sitting in my inventory for 2 hours, I’m connected and everything. Yet nothing in my Battlenet yet. Someone help

  19. I was able to claim my OW2 Beta key from Twitch, but it has not yet appeared in my Battle.net launcher. I know my accounts are linked because I have been getting the free Prime loot boxes over the past few months. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  20. Damn I watched a stream for 5 hours and it didn’t register 😭. Will there be a second chance for drops at least?

  21. Anyone know why not all of my skins from OW 1 transferred to OW 2? I only have some skins but not all. I have tried repairing both OW 1 and 2 and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both OW 1 and 2. I just bought a bunch of skins during the anniversary event and want them to be utilized. Any help would be much appreciated.

  22. I wish Ow2 let us use some legacy UI elements. I really don’t like the new health wheel for Mercy, it’s a lot harder to see where your target is at quick glance compared to current.

    Overall, playing Tank is a lot more fun currently but only because they’re so brawly. They seem to be beefy DPS, which is why Support seems so much less fun: they’re the only specialized role left. Still a fun game, but doesn’t quite capture what made Overwatch so special.

  23. ChadThundagaCock

    Claimed the drop on Twitch but all I see is OW1 in the Battlenet dropdown app menu

  24. Just got into the beta and im getting frame drops. I think its my computer more than anything

    What settings can I look into to make the game smoother?

  25. Rude-Singer-3787

    I claimed the key 5 hours ago and it still hasn’t shown up on my drop-down menu for OW.

  26. If you are feeling the desire to rage at people during the beta for their gameplay, please take a step back and breathe. We are all experiencing OW2 for the first time, even yourself. No one has mastered anything and there are no metas or right strats. Just enjoy the new game and take the rage out of it. If had a hand full of people call me names and threaten me in a beta. Please don’t be like that.

  27. 144fps on normal Overwatch, but in the beta my screen is blurring every time I move my mouse. Even in the menus. Does anyone know what would cause this.

  28. Scared_Macaroon_8337

    Does anyone know how to transfer overwatch skins to the second one, cause it didn’t automatically go on my account?

  29. Recommendation for non-tank mains now tanking in beta. Stick with your team – hard! There’s only one tank now and if you get picked a million miles away (looking at you doomfist mains) your team is going to collapse behind you. Play the objective, protect your supports, and be the backbone of your team! GLHF!

    P.S. as a tank main who has been flex filling bc queue. It also helps your support heal you if you’re close.

  30. How the fuck do i mute someone in overwatch 2? Holy shit this new ui is so incredibly bad. It’s so “simplified” that I can’t even tell how it works. Just had to spend an entire match listening to both my dps non-stop complaining about how “the healers are so bad” because they had never heard the word positioning in their entire lives and were trying to spawn camp the enemy team.

  31. Currently getting failed to connect on twitch when trying to connect my blizzard account, however, my blizzard account says it’s already connected. Can’t get ow2 because of this. Blizzard says if I disconnect twitch then I can’t connect again for another 7 days. Feels like a bad spot to be in. Any advice?

  32. 5 hours since claiming my drop and still no access. Don’t know why I still put up with Blizzard, maybe this is a cosmic sign to stop giving them 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, … chances

  33. I got the Overwatch 2 beta drop and after downloading it and trying to open it is just says “The application encountered an unexpected error” I thought it might be a server error but I don’t see a single other person having this problem, I’ve tried reinstalling, scanning and repairing and looked at basically all possible fixes and none of it worked, any idea what the problem is?

  34. I got the drop but I was at work. It says I have it but I had to claim it before a certain time? Is there anything I can do about this or am I just out of luck?

  35. Just learned the stream beta event was only from 10am-6pm today. I was at work the whole time…

    edit: Also, are they still sending emails? Or has that time passed..

  36. Does anyone know what the Mercy option to not prioritize guardian angeling to beam targets is called in OW2? I accidentally reverted my settings and it’s annoying me.

  37. My headphones aren’t working on the beta. Even when I select them in the sound menu, it still just plays from my computer speakers.

  38. So i didn’t get the email invite even now.

    Can I get access to beta by twitch drops if I start watching today?

  39. Does the account region matter when connecting to twitch for the beta? My twitch is connected with my battlenet in NA though im from SEA. It’s been 3 hours…

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