What are your thoughts on the Overwatch 2 Beta?

I’ve seen a lot of mixed opinions on the beta, whether it be about the support class not being as great as the rest or 5v5 not being as good as 6v6 or vice versa, and was just curious what everyone had to say. What do you like? What do you dislike? Are you having fun? What would you like to see in future Overwatch 2 news/updates?

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9 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on the Overwatch 2 Beta?”

  1. It seems that the new maps are too large and overwhelming for 5v5, especially new king Street. I’m assuming it will take some adjusting but it just felt very one sided on all of the new maps

  2. Tbh, I’m having way more fun on tank and dps than I’m having on support. Personally, I think most support characters will need an overhaul to be even remotely viable

  3. OverdoseDelusion

    I miss the scorecard at the end/endorsement system.
    just feels like a very abrupt ending.

  4. miracleisdead_

    There are lots of negatives and some positives.
    Changes are refreshing but they need to tone down some stuff and give Supports a way to survive dives/flanks if they aren’t called Moira.

  5. Primarily played DPS with some Support on the side so far. No tank. Mei main.

    I’m really enjoying it and I actually love the new Mei. I was so worried that she would be awful but honestly she feels great and I’ve been getting more kills than ever.
    (Could just be because I switched from Console to PC to play the beta, but still.)

    I know it isn’t what everyone agrees with, but I personally think 5v5 is great for the game. But it has a learning curve.
    I will say though, it sometimes feels like tanks never die now lol

  6. Orisa isn’t fun to play against right now. Her up-time is way too high. She can bail herself out of bad positioning too easily. I get that she is the only tank when played and needs some sustain, but they went overboard. It’s like they took Sigma’s design philosophy and just slapped it on Orisa.

    I also wish we could play both sides for Escort/ Hybrid maps, especially since competitive isn’t in the game. Feels bad to queue for 9 minutes only to get steamrolled on Kings Row defense (side-note, attacking side has an insane advantage in this game)

  7. I think people are being a bit too harsh and forgiving at the same time and in the wrong places. As someone who has played OW since the beta (of OW1) i don’t hate 5v5. I think its an interesting choice and on some og maps it plays really well (maybe even better than 6v6 if I’m being so bold). However, funny enough… the new maps play like dog shit with 5v5 imo; lol I think they would play 100x better 6v6. The map for push the robot is huge people are all over the place team play is near non existent, I reallllly dont like it. But I am enjoying the beta quite a lot and I think people forget that it is in fact a beta and a lot of things are subject to change. Yeah healers are dumpstered right now they feel really bad Now for my major complaint. Marketing this game as a sequel to the og pvp experience is absurd. Adding a few new maps, a game mode, one new hero, a few meaningful reworks, and a graphics and sound update does not constitute a sequel experience nor does it come close to substantiating why we haven’t gotten a meaningful update since echo’s release over 2 years ago. I really hope they dont rug pull this game and they actually pour tons of content and love into it but i doubt it. The old blizzard is gone now we have Activition Blizzard. It really feels like they lost their vision for the game along the way. They wanted unique original hero’s but now they are making them overlap and taking away their uniqueness. As annoying as doom can be, hes lost his movement and abilities that made him such a revolutionary champ when he first came out. And dont even get me started on this grenade business…. But seriously I’m optimistic and hoping for the best but I’m also not getting my hopes up because as soon as OW started to decline Blizzard threw up the peace signs on creativity.

  8. I was rly hyped to play Overwatch because it was something new and exciting.

    Overwatch 2 feels like a refresh with a couple new changes. It’s fun to play for the nostalgia, but after a few games, it felt just like the original Overwatch.

    I know it’s only the beta, but I’d rather go play Valorant or The Last of Us instead.

  9. I only play support, and before you say anything mean, I play this role because its the only one I enjoy. If I wanted to play dps I wouldn’t be playing ow, I’d play anything else. Ana and Baptiste feel ok, not amazing but not bad either. Lucio seems to be in the best spot I’ve ever seen him. He actually has a place in games now, and I’m happy to see it. But Mercy (my favourite character) feels bad, she feels out of place, is easily outhealed by lucio, her damage boost doesn’t feel as important anymore. I’m sad to say that I don’t think ow2 is for me. Hope you guys enjoy it 💗

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