41 thoughts on “What do you consider to be the crown jewel of mounts in all of World of Warcraft?”

  1. The spectral tiger was 200k in WoD. I bought a Rhino instead.

    God im a fucking idiot.

  2. CharcuterieBoard

    For me it’s gotta be the Crusaders White Warhorse you got from the near impossible “Tribute to Immortality” achievement during wrath. It’s so rare most people don’t even know about it let alone have seen one.

  3. Netherwing drakes. Despite being super old they still look good unlike “rare” mounts like tcg/battle tank

  4. My all time favorite is the Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake. Takes a year to get, but IMHO so worth it!

  5. The black scarab. Very few scarab lords still play the game, so I notice when I see one. Spectral tiger isn’t that interesting, to me. The magic rooster is the one mount from the tcg I really want but yeah, ain’t no mount worth what a card would cost now and it’s gold cap if it hits ah so I’m unlikely to ever have one.

  6. Bob_Sagetarius

    I think Ashes is iconic, but I’m actually going to go with the Netherwing drakes. I know they aren’t difficult to obtain, but they’re the TBC box art flying mounts, the OG cool mount. Cooler and more difficult to obtain mounts exist, but netherdrakes were how flying was introduced to us.

  7. ImportanceCertain414

    My favorite mount has always been the headless horseman’s mount.

    Edit: I definitely feel for all the replies of people who tried for it and never got it. I’ll donate my luck on the next Halloween event for all of you.

  8. Winter spring frostsaber for my alliance chars and my swift zulian tiger have never been surpassed for me

  9. For me, it was always that dang turtle you fish up. I remember as a teen my step father tasked me with going on his account to do fishing and that was one of my many tasks. I never got it for him, but when I got my own account, I thought to go do it and got it in the first few casts. It was quite the momentous occasion for me and I haven’t felt that excited in a while.

  10. Surprised I haven’t seen the black proto drake listed here yet. Imo it’s in the sweet spot of rare, unobtainable, and required skill to obtain.

  11. Sad to see no one mentioned the Zhevra from recuit-a-friend. Must’ve been 10 years ago. Think I’ve only seen one or two other people using it in many years of playing. Fucking love it

  12. I think the rarest mount I have is the non-swift Brewfest Ram. Can’t get that anymore as far as I know.

  13. Well, having 267 runs and still no Ashes and 284 runs and still no invincible, I’m going to say those two for me. Even though everyone had them already

  14. Black Quiraj Battle Tank is the only answer. Stuff of legends; I’ve only seen it once back in BC.

  15. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent of course, the most annoying mount to farm, one of the lowest drop chances, but still, one of the most beautiful out there

  16. My Netherdrake. Farming the rep and looking for eggs on a PVP server back in the day was complete chaos. It was worth it.

  17. Astral could serpent.

    But that is based on my assumption that this is actually a “what is your favorite in game mount” question since there is no metric what a crown jewel mount is.

    (Azure drake is my close second, because I like the blue dragonflight)

  18. Garan-Coristar

    Lucid nightmare, had very hard puzzle to get it, but when you complete it it’ll unlock the karazhan crypt

  19. Zulian Tiger and Tyraels Charger.

    I play Druid, so I don’t really use mounts at all, except for those.
    They’re just so majestic and I absolutely love them.

  20. ChristmasTzeitel

    The OG Paladin Charger. And then TBC came out and there was a red version? *MM!*

  21. Mine was always the Amani war bear, though in hindsight it wasn’t THAT hard to get. It just meant a lot to me at the time and that was before mounts were shared, so I had two lol. I also worked really hard on the plagued protodrake, but I think you can get it from the BMAH now. Still rare still means a lot to me, wish they’d keep doing limited time mounts.

  22. AlbainBlacksteel

    Tyrael’s Charger, Ashes of Al’ar, or Invincible.

    **IMMEDIATE EDIT:** Or the Black Qiraji Battle Tank.

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