What else can players expect from the collaboration?

If he does feature as an NPC, a POI dedicated to the character will likely be added to the game or an existing POI will be revamped. In all probability, Tiny Temple or The Temple will serve as his spawn location in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

What else can players expect from the collaboration?

Even though these are important characters in v bucks generator their respective franchises, it’s unlikely that they’ll play a major role in Fortnite’s storyline. While they may feature in videos related to in-game events, they are unlikely to directly influence them.

For the most part, the characters will serve primarily as cosmetics which will help generate revenue.

Speaking of which, it’s still unknown if the characters will be modeled after their real-life counterparts or movie adaptations. Given Darth Vader’s history, a face reveal is unlikely to happen. Such being the case, the character may be modeled after the character from the Star Wars franchise.Granbe ⚡@GranbeFNPOV Fortnite Season 3 Darth Vader vs Indiana Jones

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However, with Indiana Jones, things may be different. The character being created for Fortnite may have been modeled after the legendary actor Harrison Ford. If this turns out v bucks generator to be the case, the cosmetics will be labeled under the Icon Series. Nevertheless, it’s left to be seen in which direct things go.