what fortnite skins smell in your opinion?

what skins do you think they stink and smell bad and why? Which body part or parts of them you think smells and what does it smell like?

mine is Sunny ever since I seen her I imagined she must smell really bad. She just looks like her body smells of sweat she never takes showers. Her hair looks greasy too. I always get disgusted when I look at her because of this thought and I don’t like it because she’s cute but I can’t get the thought of her smelling bad from my head

I have a headcanon that someone lied to her and told her that aliens like and are attracted to humans body odor so she haven’t showered since she heard that

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13 thoughts on “what fortnite skins smell in your opinion?”

  1. De_chicken123yt

    Jill Valentine and Chris Red field but they went trough a lot of zombies so that explains it

  2. Predator, I don’t know if the brown spots on his body is apart of his skin or it just dirt.

  3. The Dude. I’m guessing his breath is sweet from the White Russians and he has a hint of 420 with a splash of old spice or hai karate. So maybe not a bad smell but a little odd.

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