What happened to the communities?

You know… That system that was added somewhere in BfA, that people quickly forgot about after 2 days. I think even blizzard forgot about it. If you started playing wow on shadowlands you might not even know it exists. Crazy huh?

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7 thoughts on “What happened to the communities?”

  1. Thats BS just because you dont use it doesnt mean that others dont use it.

    I have been and i am atm in multiple communitites.

    The thing is that discord is still the important part and the community just collects the game characters.
    Pretty much exactly like a guild too.

    What you say would be like me saying:
    Wich players even use guilds nowadays.
    Everything through searching people for m+ and doing raidinvites goes from discord.

    There are still many that use the ingame calendar and ingame chat mainly. Just i dont and so did my last few guilds.

  2. MidnightFireHuntress

    It’s used literally ALL.THE.TIME

    There are tons of them for M+, cross realm raiding, RP

    Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean it’s not there, I see people linking invites for them all the time =|

  3. There’s definitely people that still use them – achievements, m+, raiding etc.


    My guild plans on using it when cross faction gameplay is available.

  4. I’ve been kinda using communities lately in order to try and get AotC. I would probably use them more if I weren’t so much of an introvert.

    Blizz should probably advertise them more though, maybe once we get cross faction communities they will.

  5. robyngoodfello-

    There still around, they just never caught on the way Blizz was hoping they would.

    Communities are still a very useful option for players looking for advice and help. They just don’t stand out because there are faster and easier options out there that most people go to first.

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