50 thoughts on “What have you learned?”

  1. That I’m a trash , noob and that i need to Uninstall ow because I won’t pocket our ashe.

  2. From my many hours of playing Overwatch, I learned that I love the game but really do not like the people that play it.

  3. Sea-Extent-9789

    I learned that whenever your team needs a healer or tank, you can count having a Widow and Hanzo instead.

  4. Possessed_potato

    That I take pleasure in strangers annoyance if it’s caused by me.

    Like sleeping the same person the entire game non stop at every oppertunity I get

  5. I learned to cringe at people who only learned basic life lessons from a silly video game

  6. You can beat your heroin addiction

    Give heroin to those who don’t have it

    Everyone needs heroin

    The world could always use more heroin

    Never give up doing heroin

  7. I learned that no matter how decent you’re doing there will always be somebody yelling at you for not doing good enough

  8. GoldenMahgeetah

    That I should kill myself and that my mom has apparently fornicated with every 13 year old known to man.

  9. Overwatch taught me that if I ever use my mic at least 1 man will tell me to shut the fuck up and rage about “female gamers”

  10. That the earth is tilted in its axis, thanks to a planetary collision fove billion years ago.

  11. That according to dps, it’s way more important to keep them alive instead of our tanks, and when the tanks die, dps calls them and me ( healer) trash for them dying (:

  12. Impressive_Water659

    I’ve learned that 90% of the players don’t know dick about shielding others or healing. That’s coming from a support=main/tank=alt. It’s sad they had to add roles to quick play. So many people can’t adapt to what their team needs. Instead they only care about how they want to play.

  13. Daddy_Needs_nap-nap

    That no matter what measures are in place some people will find a way to be shitty to each other

  14. What I learned from this subreddit of Overwatch is that if you say anything mean about mister wodnerful xqc his rabid 14 year old fans will report you for calling him sexist.


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