What Is Jungkook’s Brother’s Instagram Account?

What is Jungkook’s brother’s Instagram account?  From what I understand he had one before, but he removed it because his friends started getting random friend requests and were harassed. Her new account is instagram.com/jeon506. He has made this account public and will post his BTS artwork/fanart!

What Is Jungkook's Brother's Instagram Account?
What Is Jungkook’s Brother’s Instagram Account?

What is JKS’s brother’s Instagram?

Jeon, Jungkook’s older brother

Who is Jungkook’s older brother?

Jeon, Jungkook’s older brother

What is the name of Jungkook’s brother on Instagram?

(@ jeon576) Instagram photos and videos

How many brothers does Jungkook have?

Jungkook has a Hyung (older brother). His name is Jeon.

What is the Instagram of Saga’s brother?

BTS ‘Sugar was born with the perfect combination of beauty and style, and her childhood photos prove it. Saga’s older brother Min Geumjae recently shared memory of Min’s family on his Instagram account (@ goldjay89).

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What is Brother Jungkook’s Instagram ID?

(@ jeon576) Instagram photos and videos

What is Jungkook’s brother doing?

Jeon Jungyo is considered to be one of the best ARMYs as he draws a variety of BTS fan art, including when BTS topped the Billboard charts. Despite being active on Instagram, Jeon Jungyo is not a fan of selfies.

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Jeon Jungyo (@httpjunghyun) Instagram photos and videos.

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