What IS player housing?


When people talk about player housing are they talking about the same thing? If so, what is that? The immediate thing that pops into my head is bascially just the WoD garrison but more customizable, but maybe I just don’t get it.


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  1. I’d probably like a blend of WoD Garrisons and FFXIV apartments. Maybe like an overall building which acts as a guild hall – with customisable options like the theme + class.

    Add in a few work benches or garrison like buildings which produce something.

    But then I want a room or dedicated zone where I can freely place objects and furniture to decorate it.

    This is the bare minimum I’d think they could do and people would be happy.

  2. When I think of player housing I think of Wildstar first, they had some of the most fun player housing options, and I think it could easily be adapted to WoW.


    While, like garrisons, you could get trade resources at your house, what made it different is it encouraged you to visit other’s houses to help gather their nodes(you would get a percent of what you harvested as would the lot owner), do mini dungeons (they awarded dyes, housing stuff, unique transmog), player challenges (also rewarded dyes, housing stuff, transmog, and currencies), or just visit to see what awesome stuff people had built. I remember being a part of several circles (think like WoW in-game communities) for herbing, challenges and crafting housing stuff. It was it’s own kind of fun casual end game.


    There’s a ton of videos of amazing houses and lots people built in Wildstar on youtube still, they’re worth a look to get a better idea, since the Wiki is kind of bare bones and there’s a lot more to it than you’d want to read.


    I think of Rift’s housing second, when I played it, it was very customizable, and while the lot selection at that time was meh (We’re talking back when Storm Legion? dropped and for about a year or so after), it was very easy to build onto preexisting lots and make it your own. A lot of Rift’s housing items were drops from pretty much all parts of the game, I remember syncing things to watch on youtube with a friend and fishing up floors to build a weird dungeon having house on her lot, and we spent an embarrassing amount of time building booby traps for each other on our lots. This is the housing style I feel is more of out reach for WoW, I feel like the spaghetti code would handle the “plugin” style of Wildstar’s more. We both made a fair amount of gold selling off things we acquired that we didn’t want for our houses and we ran a trading group for housing and other collectibles.


    I think housing and the secondary professions that could be built around it, along with the drops and acquisition of patterns/designs could really start up a whole new community inside of WoW and give people who are either not interested in or burnt out of end game play something else to do.

    Housing in both of these games made me feel way more open and social then pretty much any end game content ever did, if I’m being honest. I guess that’s part of why I miss it.

  3. ESO/new world have pretty decent housing concepts but wow has the potential to do even better.. they just won’t.

    Even a carbon copy of Skyrim housing could be really fun…

    Knowing blizzard, if they do add housing, it would take weeks to construct, additional timegating per room. Completely soulless and boring grind to get furniture and no combat benefits with little to no cosmetic options

  4. My player housing dream (and I know it’s not realistic) is, in general:

    – One house/apartment in each racial capital and main hub of each expansion
    – Furniture and decorations following racial themes
    – A new crafting skill so players can craft and sell furniture and decorations
    – Furniture and decorations (and/or schematics for them) as drops from mobs
    – Furniture and decorations that are sold by vendors, some of them tied to reputation

    Specific things I’d like to see are:

    – Armor- and weapon stands, where you can show off your coolest sets
    – Stables where you can keep your favourite mounts and pets
    – Outdoor areas
    – Useable things, like mailbox, bank, AH, food vendors
    – Item frames so you can put your favourite random thing in a frame on the wall
    – Book shelves where you can store books and knickknacks
    – Togglable “open doors” so people can visit your house

    These are just off the top of my head wishes. If I went to walk through my SWTOR strongholds I’m sure I could come up with lots more. Those are very well done, but far from perfect, and they are a huge time- and money sink for the players that enjoy decorating them. In WoW, I could see player housing bringing life back to old content (I know Blizzard doesn’t like that, but a lot of players would) in the form of a new profession and new decoration drops in old content. As in SWTOR, houses could have rooms that can be unlocked for a cost (gold or some new token?) that would improve the game’s economy or at least keep players farming for something.

    So, unlike Garrisons, this would focus on a single house, and the player would actually get to decide where to put every table and carpet and Gnoll Skull Lamp. Maybe put a couple of raptors by the door to “guard” the entrance. Maybe create a Bloodelf den of sin with decos farmed from Black Temple. Have an art room with paintings of fruit bowls covering a whole wall.

    WoW devs tend to say they don’t want the main hubs to feel empty, and I get that worry if you can put everything a player needs in a player house. But imo it wouldn’t have to be that way, not if the entrance to the player house would go through the town, maybe be a bit out of the way so it’s easier and quicker to, for example, just use the main AH.

    So no, I don’t see player housing being much like Garrisons at all. If done right, it would be fun for the players (those that care about it) and a great timesink, which would be great for Blizzard.

  5. Player housing (to me) isn’t the garrison
    It isn’t a personal place stuffed with game mechanics.

    It’s a customisable space/place that is filled with collectible and crafted items and gameplay rewards- its an extension of transmog, player titles and achievements.

    It is -not- a personal mechanic hub that replaces cities. It’s a hall of fame for you and your character.

    You beat a raid on a certain difficulty, here is a decoration for your player home.

    You maxed out your professions and farmed out a super rare recipe? – here is a decoration / the crafted item for the house.

    You reached a certain rank in PvP- here is a PvP themed decoration (weapon racks, training dummies, gladiator trophy)

    You complete all the content for X themed factions or zones? Here’s a theme for your housing.

  6. Basically its a collection game where you can craft or collect furniture for you very own space. Be that a house, an apartment or a fully fledged manor.

    Other benefits like rested boni or crafting areas can come with it as well, though i assume the main reason is people want something to be creative and show their skills in a diffrent area than pvp or pve.

  7. Animal Crossing. Keep it simple, keep it optional. Make the system itself very robust and integrated with all other forms of content. Make it permanent and persistent across expansions. But keep it simple and optional.

  8. player housing is exactly what it sounds like. just as u get a house or apartment and fill it with your stuff and things you love over time players wants a house to decorate with things they want and have achieved ingame that they can show others.
    the garrison is a rather bad example of this as it was extremely limited and was full of convenience items that made people never leave, while housing itself should be more of a system that is there for fun rather than convenience.

  9. I dont play final fantasy but I’ve seen videos of peoples houses and its incredible. I think I understand the problem with Wow is the engine, which is why garrisons had to have the preset statues vs being able to place items.


    but man if you could just have a space where you could place anything anywhere, and the wow items were made into placeable items – I’d imagine like, mini-versions of your mounts, mini versions of like deathwings head. Your pets.. Your toys. Pictures of “epic moments” like defeating gul’dan. weapons, armor. etc. etc.


    would be cool

  10. I like the way hideouts work in Path of Exile. For gameplay purposes, they might as well be an blank hub room with a few NPCs, but essentially they provide an additional avenue for players to customize something about their character and express their creativity. WoW is pretty limited in that regard, with only mounts, pets, transmog, and titles. There are a ton of ways in which they could use the system to offer rewards that aren’t gear, currency, or one of the above things.

  11. Calling Garrisons player housing is an insult to what true player housing can achieve. It physically hurts when WoW players compare them as equals.

    Play other MMOs, ESO did it perfectly imo

  12. Yes, it really is just the WoD garrison but you can change the furniture The Sims style. In fact, it would need to be a larger area since one room won’t really cut it, so your guests have enough space to move around.

    Even if the developers could add such a thing, the big question is how many people would even want to use it? And even if they try it out on day one, how many will stick with it?

    WoW is a combat game. We have a lot of prestige/show-off stuff we earned through combat, and can be observed during combat like transmog or titles. There’s also mounts and pets. To quote Illidan: I AM MY PLAYER HOUSING!

    Housing works in Final Fantasy XIV because it cultivated these non-combat activities for a long time, but making this a thing in WoW is gonna be quite the uphill battle.

    Overall, it would be a lot of effort for what only RPers would be able to fully enjoy and use regularly. However, these people would benefit a lot more from, say, having the option to remove all the enemies from Boralus or Suramar so they can use these places to its full extend.

    Another option would be to make it a guild feature: Have a dedicated guild heardquarters and be able to decorate that instead, so that there is a sense of community at least. But individual player-only housing is, indeed, kinda wasted.

  13. It could be smth cool where you could collect or craft rare furniture or get access to exclusive « well rested » buffs in your POH.

    You could have a farm to collect rare herbs and a mine to collect ores.

    There’s a huge potential for it, you could have crafters all in one place, or a portal room to move around the world easily.

    And everything would need to be balanced with ways to build the rooms and the utilities.

    It could be a great gold sink, it could revitalize some dead professions like archeology.

    I had this idea of a house where you could park all your alts on your server and it would be like their garrison.
    I’ve always thought of all my alts just being a group of adventurers, which would explain they make reputations and achievements account wide as it’s what your « party » has accomplished more than their individual feats.

    I think with the game running for so long Blizzard is scared to make big changes and implementing POH could lead to people deserting capital cities.
    If you have all you need at home why would you ever hearth back to SW or whatever the hub of the expansion is.

    It’s a MMO and they wouldn’t purposely kill the social aspect by emptying Capital cities I think.

  14. Garrisons literally were/are player housing. Some minority of players just think that some kind of housing with in-depth customization would be more popular. In reality, more likely than not, too few players would be really into it to justify the development time and costs.

    Few players were visiting other people’s garrisons, you having some rare couch or some bullshit isn’t going to give them a reason to hang out in your pad.

  15. EQ2 has the best housing fucking everrrrr but it’s isolated. Take EQ2s ability to hook items and customize them (but make em reportable because MMO communities have become vulgar shits), and FFs neighborhoods (or not but it adds more to the feeling) in regards to seeing other peoples creations, and boom. And yes it will eventually introduce cash shop items, and people will buy to sell for gold etc – and that’s fine. Gold inflation is real, and Blizzard wants money to prove success.

  16. Honestly ilI think the best player housing i have seen has been in wizard101. It had 3 axis item movement, different effects you can cast on objects to make them unique as well as many utility items to give the house purpose

  17. lol my answer was yours as well, the WoD Garrison but actually customizable. Plus with enought time/effort/gold you’d be able to grow it out and have everything as opposed to making choices as to what buildings you had.

  18. Just a place to show off our completionism. I don’t mean that in a mean or disparaging way, that’s what *I* want. Titles are nice, but so are trophies to commemorate collections and big achievements.

    Personally I would also appreciate a space that’s relevant across expansions. For instance, so much of the garrison is taken up by resource farms that generate basically obsolete resources. I would still be using my garrison regularly if I could generate crafting resources for more other expansions, even just pre-SL to keep the market reasonable.

    That being said I agree with everyone saying they don’t necessarily want any big mechanical benefit from player housing, which would include resources like the garrison.

  19. So, what I think people REALLY want out of player housing, is like Star Wars Galaxies.

    You can set up a house in the real world, and people can come check out your house. You wanna show it off. You could just set it up anywhere as far as I remember.

    MAYBE you can just have a set of “housing areas” and have your own instanced house, but that’s not as fun.

    Realistically I don’t think player housing is a good idea, and would rather them make Guild Halls, and that would just be a persistent thing that guilds could make cooler and cooler with decorations or whatever. I guess you could do that and player housing at the same time.

    They really need to think about it in a timeless way, not an expansion specific way.

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