What new ability will Nefarian get with the Evoker?

Nefarian in BWL is the only boss from old content that still gets updated with a class call whenever a new class is released.

We don’t know a whole lot about the Evoker yet. Anyone have any guesses as to what could be added to Nefarian as a class call?

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9 thoughts on “What new ability will Nefarian get with the Evoker?”

  1. BatteredPerson652

    My guess for Evoker is that the Evoker gets yeeted sky high and dies from falling damage if unable to glide, with him joking about “You are one of my father’s failed experiments. Let’s make that apparent, shall we?”

    I say this as Deathwing/Neltharion was barely corrupted 10,000 years ago, so Nefarian might be told rumors of what his father did.

  2. Turns you into your Visage form and you cant cast/ You fly uncontrollably/ You breath fire uncontrollably

  3. Exaltedautochthon

    he just says “You’re only here to make Scalies subscribe to the game”, it’s going to be true and it’s going to /hurt/

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