What will y’all be voting for? I voted for boogie bombs because tanks are a menace in zero build and I don’t give a f about build modes(sweats will probably abuse it in build modes but again idc)

What will y’all be voting for? I voted for boogie bombs because tanks are a menace in zero build and I don’t give a f about build modes(sweats will probably abuse it in build modes but again idc)

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45 thoughts on “What will y’all be voting for? I voted for boogie bombs because tanks are a menace in zero build and I don’t give a f about build modes(sweats will probably abuse it in build modes but again idc)”

  1. The title makes you sound annoying

    Also if boogie bomb were to win cant wait to get boogie bombed + drum shotgun combo that will be fun!!

    Rifts to go send you directly to the blimps which id valuable to avoid being camped on

  2. He needs boogie bombs to stop tanks, but if you throw one at his whole squad, you’re such an “aBuSIVe sWeAt”

  3. Ike_Huminspurts

    Jesus this community will literally bitch about anything. OMG NERF GRASS BECAUSE MY CHARACTER HAS ALLERGIES AND I SNEEZE WHEN IM CAMPING.

  4. RiddleEatsRainbows

    “Sweats will probably abuse it in build modes”

    I seriously don’t get why people think this?? This isn’t the age of building straight 90s and just tossing a boogie up there, people have gotten a fuckton better at the game. Boogies really aren’t gonna be as strong and gamebreaking as people think, they’re just a fun item. Also yes, a useful counter to tanks.

  5. Some people don’t realize that they can just easily escape a tank by using a rift to go

  6. is the definition of “Sweats” people that are better that you? I’m curious at this point

  7. rift to go will probably be the best because im in the s torm and about to die oh no but when you have a rift to go you can just rift away or if youre in a fight you can just rift away.

  8. We already have counters to tanks. Their treads, the driver hatch, and the anvil rocket launcher. You call that zero counters? If anything we need the rift to go, the boogie bomb won’t even be used for tanks and straight up just give people free kills. Prove me wrong

  9. Longjumping_Leg5143

    I don’t give a f about build modes?

    My dude THATS THE ENTIRE GAME WHAT? I mean play what you want but still, might as well go play pubg or any other battle royale

    Sweats will abuse build? Dude build isn’t new. If you don’t want to learn how to build better then it’s up to you to not play it I guess

  10. That’s it im unfollowing this dogshit sub every post is by a 9 year old complaining about “sweats”

  11. TheBroomSweeper

    Boogie bomb into drum shotgun spray is going to be a hellish combo. I’m going for Rift to Go

  12. I hate no build

    Im not even good at building I just don’t think the map is really built for no build

  13. ComfyPaladin198

    OnLy ThE bOOGie BoMbS wILL sAve Us aGainst TaKS….It’s just like that time when people cried about boogies and mechs in season 8 c2

    Wait until you guys get killed by your own boogie

  14. ThunderJacob26

    The boogies are the bigger threat in zero build. You can’t build to protect yourself from the bomb. Meanwhile rifts let you escape fights when you’re weak and really need cover

  15. RevitalizedFuture

    Boogie bombs are useless where rifts are necessary. Especially with blimps almost out of the game.

  16. not_realColtron

    It seems like you’re really trying to seem menacing in the caption, while saying we don’t have a counter to tanks

  17. CalebMendez12303

    Please for the love of God change that lengthy ass title. No one gives af about how you don’t like a certain mode lmao

  18. “sweats will probably abuse it in build modes”

    Just say you’re bad at the game, it’s not a big deal.

  19. CalebMendez12303

    You clearly care alot sense you brought it up two different times in the title alone lmao.

  20. GamesForNoobs_on_YT

    Oh ur a pathetic noob that is to bad at the game to build and complains when someone is actually good at the game!!!

  21. You could also rift to go yourself away from a tank and get yourself out of storm

    Rift to goes have way more useful uses than boogie bombs

  22. bruh what sweat is gonna use a boogie bomb lmao

    they are practically useless on anything other than vehicles if the other guy is even remotely competent at building

  23. IamMagness1993

    Are you joking? tanks are the easiest kill you will find… run up to them, get on the turret…. know you have the knife in your hand, either blow the tank up, destroy the hatch and try to kill the driver, wait for the driver to get of and shoot him with the turret or wait for him to switch seat and kill him with the turret… tanks are rather weak actually…

  24. I like how it’s sweats in build mode.

    But by George, no build feels even worst. Doing the challenges and God help you if you go into a city with a blimp. Got campers on them every time. All they do. Camp, then hide cause you popped their shield.

    Rather deal with build mode than thay noise.

  25. I boogie bombed a tank yesterday and it did absolutely nothing.. in fact I boogie bombed it a 2nd time and the person just kept driving.. so either they don’t work on tanks or it was a weird bug.

    Anybody actually have it successfully take the players out of the tank?

  26. sweat bad. . . but yeah I endorse boogie bombs also; they are a great counter to vehicles

  27. The_French_Soul

    No, the boogie bomb is not the solution for no build because you’re dead if someone throws a boogie bomb on you, they’ll get the first shot and kill you easily unless you’re really lucky and manage to outdamage them

  28. where-is-my-bread

    Rift to gos are the best option by a long shot. If you have a tank problem, literally just rift away or use it to rotate to a high ground where you can just pick it off easily. It is much more practical, versatile and balanced + it works in both modes + it’s less annoying. I don’t know why anybody would vote for boogies.

  29. frogontrombone

    anks are a menace, but only if you don’t know how to deal with them. I love using them heavily, and maybe 2 in 100 encounters, I get rocked because someone knows what they are doing. It’s also generally easy to get someone out of a tank, as long as you understand how switching seats in a vehicle works.

    *Eliminating tanks quickly, a tutorial:*

    1) Jump on top, start shooting at the hatch with the turret

    2) Expect the driver to switch seats to the position on the right behind you and start shooting at you.

    3) Spin around and shoot them with the turret.

    4) Reap the rewards.

    If you’re fighting someone who knows these steps, you have to play musical chairs with swapping seats a bit, and it’s fairly easy to dominate since so few have figured out this strategy. I’ve only been rocked by a tank once since getting this down, and it was because I accidentally jumped into the line of fire right as the main cannon fired at me. This strategy works even better in teams because some of the musical chair slots are taken and it’s easier to anticipate the next move.

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