7 thoughts on “What’s the stat prio for a leveling Human Hunter?”

  1. There is no stat prio when leveling. Just use the best gear you get.

    Stat prio only really becomes relevant at end game.

  2. When levelling just go with higher ilvl tbh. The overall stat increase will likely be more beneficial than trying to stick to haste or whatever.

    Also, you’d be better off saying your spec (MM, BM, SV) not your race. Race makes no difference.

  3. For hunters just equip the highest itemlvl but for Human hunters i think some intelligence and multihit would be the best.

  4. More-Draft7233

    Versatility > Mastery > Haste = Critical Strike
    But if you feel like not having enough energy regeneration you could always prioritize haste over mastery.

  5. the__brown_note

    Stay priority is basically meaningless while leveling. Highest iLvl = more agility/stam = more raw damage and survivability. If you find yourself having to choose between two pieces of equal iLvl, go for Vers/Mastery as those are the only two that directly increase the damage of many of your abilities and you’re unlikely to face any protracted fights that will make haste and crit valuable.

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