Which Type Of Engagement Ring Is Right For Me?


While picking your fantasy wedding band, it’s critical to comprehend the phrasing with regard to various kinds of ring settings and styles. The ring setting and style will significantly influence the solace, visual effect, and wearability of the ring you pick!

Which Type Of Engagement Ring Is Right For Me?
Which Type Of Engagement Ring Is Right For Me?

Ring Styles Vs Ring Settings

Ring settings allude to the particular and more specialized components that characterize the various sorts of wedding bands, while ring styles are more broad ways of ordering the look and feel of wedding bands.

For instance, a solitaire ring is a sort of ring setting that incorporates just a single place jewel and no complement of precious stones or gemstones on the band. Solitaire rings settings are exemplary ring style.

Ring Styles

One benefit of purchasing your wedding band from an internet-based gem dealer is the extended admittance you get to various kinds of rings. At Brilliant Earth, we offer pretty much every ring type under the sun – and on the off chance that we don’t have a style you need, we can specially craft a ring for you.

1. Customary and Elegant

Many individuals incline toward exemplary ring plans like solitaire settings. To add a smidgen greater refinement or to guarantee the middle jewel is set particularly low, consider a lattice setting or a crate set.

For a touch more style, add a column of precious stone accents on the band or consider a setting with secret or secret jewel highlights (jewels set in the exhibition or underside of the ring that is not noticeable from the top).

Three-stone wedding bands are one more exemplary option in contrast to the conventional solitaire.

2. Beautiful and Outgoing

If the wearer has any desire to amaze, they could adore a setting that holds the precious stone higher, or maybe one that elements shimmering pavé-set jewels on the band of the ring.

Corona commitment settings are additionally exceptionally well known for those searching for that “goodness” factor and visual effect.

Corona settings add a circle of precious stones around the middle jewel to add shimmer and cause the middle jewel to seem bigger and really shining.

Ring Settings

There are various ring settings some are as follows

1. Outdoorsy and Nature Loving

Ring settings with natural components in their plans like leaves, plants, and blossoms might suit you. For a functioning individual, consider a setting that holds the jewel lower to the hand.

A bezel setting, with a slender metal band that embraces the precious stone as far as possible around its support, is additionally perfect for keeping a jewel safeguarded.

2. Heartfelt and Timeless

Do you adore everything heartfelt and one of a kind? Consider ring settings that include milgrain subtleties, filigree or scrollwork designs, complex exhibitions, or modest groups. Wedding bands featuring roll precious stones or sensitive jewel highlights are likewise a fantastic decision.

3. Current and Contemporary

Do you see the value in the current, stylish style? Take a gander at sculptural rings – rings that analyze modern structures. To swear off the customary focus jewel, by and large, consider a band with delightful subtleties like inscriptions or remarkable shapes.

Or then again add a bit of variety with a semiprecious gemstone.

4. Dot Setting

In a dot setting, little round bits of metal are raised from the surface and utilized as prongs to get every gemstone. This setting frequently includes complement stones on the band.

Since the metal dabs mirror light, Tiffany wedding bands groups to produce a phenomenal shimmer when worn.

5. Pavé Setting

Pavé is a sort of dab setting in which nearby gemstones share a dot. In the pavé setting, the surface seems, by all accounts, to be cleared with precious stones set intently together.

Tiffany wedding bands with a pavé jewel band highlight three to six dots to get every gemstone. This famous setting is an ideal decision for the wearer who wants some additional radiance.

 6. Bezel Setting

A famous setting for jewel wedding rings, the bezel setting highlights a metal edge that safeguards the edges of a gemstone. You can characterize bezel-set wedding bands by a level surface that uncovered just the crown, or top, of the jewel.

This makes the bezel setting a fitting style for those looking for a low-set wedding band.

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