Who created the Heavy Sniper Rifle?


I know this is a very bizarre question, but it really is bothering me. I’m asking, in universe, was the Heavy Sniper Rifle created by The Seven, IO, or some other group? Because some weapons are clearly related to one group. The MK Seven is related to The Seven, and the Striker Burst was created by IO. The Combat SMG is an IO weapon and the Stinger SMG was created by The Seven. Etc. But I have no idea who created the Heavy Sniper.

I want to say it should have been IO because Shadow used it during Season 2, and the main theory I’ve heard and one I believe is that E.G.O./Ghost and A.L.T.E.R./Shadow were both controlled by the same group, probably IO, as a way to keep tabs on the new Chapter 2 island. Because there’s actually no evidence either side actually fought eachother once. They just took eachother over when it was necessary. It was just an act.

And thus IO probably created and supplied all the weapons used that season, including the Heavy and Suppressed ARs and Snipers.

Which should automatically mean that IO created the Heavy Sniper, but this season, IO has no apparent connection to thr Heavy Sniper, while The Seven does. The Imagined sells a Heavy Sniper, and most other members of The Seven sell a Boom Sniper Rifle, which is a modified Heavy Sniper.

On top of this, the Heavy Sniper was modified to be an anti-vehicle weapon shortly after The Seven had the player do research on the armor of Titan Tanks.

So does this mean the IO created the Heavy Sniper and The Seven modified it, or did The Seven create it in the first place, thus making the fact that Shadow used it in C2S2 either a plot hole or me looking into the details too much?


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  1. “The Barrett M82 is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic, anti materiel sniper rifle developed by the American company Barrett Firearms Manufacturing.”

    i think that’s an alias of the seven and/or IO

  2. I think that the IO just throws random weapons onto the island that they probably find in other realities (as we can see from the Impostors trailer), so I don’t think either group created it per se, but the Seven probably made some custom anti-tank rounds for it to counter the IO’s tanks

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