26 thoughts on “Who here is having fun playing No-Build? And why?”

  1. I like no build, but my playstyle gets me killed faster. Maybe I should start playing more stealthy instead of going up close to someone like Logan Paul and Mayweather.

  2. Zero Build straight up brought me back to the game. I’ll admit, I am bad at building and after spending time trying to get good at it, I could never keep up and gave up on the game. Then I heard about Zero Build and that it was a new permanent mode and jumped back in, had alot of fun. I just enjoy the simple laid back style of the game and the gunfighting. So now that there is a mode that appeals to my style of game, I will probably be putting alot of time into it.

  3. I enjoy the game generally, no-builds is kind of like equalizing in a way but also it really kind of depends on some certain variables. In solo’s i do pretty well, i have trouble in end game situations where my position is more important than my ability, like i just happen to be in LoS of both enemies in a 1v1v1 but they aren’t in LoS of each other, so they take me out first together.

    when playing no build squads (fill) i find myself having more and more clueless teamates who either don’t play together, don’t land together or don’t do anything particularly smart… ill give an example, i have had several teams drop in hotdrops and die immediately, which is pretty common, i had another team just destroy all of the daily bugle with the tank and battle bus, nothing wrong with that in itself… but it attracts attention and so you have some people scout it out, well when you can’t build and you just destroyed all of your cover your kind of just fish in a barrel.

    when i have fun i have fun, but the things that i dislike usually happen in no build. at least in build mode i can turn a bad situation around.

  4. i personally do not enjoy no building game modes. but i definitely hope they stick around to help new people and people who aren’t very good at building stay interested in playing the game

  5. I like no building bc it makes the fights more depending on your aim bc when u miss u would probably build u up in the air to reload and heal a bit if u got hit but in no build u cant build so u need to use objects around u to peek or just to heal up and every shot u miss could lead to that that u lose the round i kinda like this playstyle

  6. I love no build mode. It’s actually alot harder than I thought it would be. The only thing I don’t like, since people can’t build you get alot of bushers and campers

  7. I do. The only reason for me to play BR is for challenges and stuff. But recently I’ve been playing more and more just for fun. And it’s all because the no build mode.

  8. I love no build because it would annoy me so much when someone was one shot from death and then they build a wall. It’s so much more satisfying to end someone right then and there without having to shoot walls down. In build mode I either had to shoot their walls down from far away or if I was near them I would crouch and hide at the bottom and wait for them to come down

  9. I had a lot of fun on the first day of the season without builds, right now imo it’s just as fun as playing pro 100 for 2 hours straight specially with blimps and drum shotguns

  10. My reason for having fun is that it’s more of casual mode then anything, I’m not trying to hard unlike Builds but after sometime it’s nice to have a challenge again so it’s just how I feel like playing

  11. I am but not because of the no building but because its easier to kill people who are used to cranky 90’s instead of just fighting ya.It so much nicer than having to chop the f-ing tower down just to find them.like its gonna be ok you don’t gotta build a sky scrapper just to shoot me back.Tho i like building it is useful for reaching stuff and for rotating or hiding to heal or used sensibly as quick cover but you don’t gotta build a mansion to kill people like a wall or stair is fine.

  12. I am, cause there’s…. No builds. I loved fortnite In the early days way before turbo building was a thing, when for the most part it was just everyone running around shooting each other maybe throwing up a wall or a ramp (if not being blocked by debris or the terrain) before people started “cranking 90” and editing mid fight, before it turned to an all put sweat fest. Don’t get me wrong I respect the people who can throw up Amy scrapers mid fight them get a lucky one shot on ya when you’re still trying to figure out how you ended up at trump tower but take most of those people and throw them in a straight up gun fight and all logic and common sense goes straight out the window. I’ve been playing shooters a decade now and never have I ever shot someone for all their health except for 1 bullet then had to wait for them to construct a bungalow climb on top tea back while moving side to side while they miss every shot just for me to one tap them until fortnite came out. I just like the straight up gunfights where it all comes down to strategic positioning and gun, plus with the new movement system it feels like an entirely new game to me, I’ve spent almost as much money on this game in the past month as I did in the first 7 seasons of the game (when I grinded all day everyday)

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